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Are you on a lookout to build your brand on LinkedIn?

Wondering from where to start?

LinkedIn helps build a kickass brand that increases your visibility as well as showcases your work to your connections.

In this article, I’ll be detailing a full proof strategy for building your brand on LinkedIn.  

1.      Optimize your LinkedIn profile

Accept it or not, people are always going to judge you on your face value. When I talk about building a personal brand, your website plays a pivotal role in informing the world about your core competencies and the job role.

Did you recognize that you are seven times more likely to be found in searches by adding a profile photo? Or you can make your profile twelve times more likely to be seen if you add your recent employers?

The following tips can facilitate your LinkedIn profile:

To start, add a professional display picture. Your image is the face of your brand as I stated, therefore choose a friendly profile image that aligns with your role

Next, produce a particular LinkedIn profile headline. By default, the headline is your current employment position; but, you’ll be able to customize it to demonstrate your experience or vision for your role. Consider your headline as your brand’s tagline. It’s the primary description many folks can see, therefore make the most of this!

2.      Make trustworthy and meaningful connections on LinkedIn

Once your profile is optimized, you’ll be able to grow your network and build your strategic relationships on LinkedIn. This keeps your network fresh and active and strengthens your connections. For professionals you recognize, LinkedIn provides you additional information about them.

Building connections with the likeminded individuals on this professional website builds your brand. Connect with friends, former colleagues, classmates, business leaders, vendors, and different professionals to have an added advantage. Don’t shy away from asking your connections to introduce you to theirs.

3.      Publish thought-provoking content on LinkedIn

The beauty of all social media is the content creators are the content consumers, LinkedIn being no exception. We live in a feed is driven world where every like, comment, and share matters. To build a brand that stands out from the crowd, you need to engage with experts from your niche and learn something new from them. You can also post tips and tricks about your industry. Though long form of content is generally preferred on this platform, I suggest you publish a mixture of both long as well as short-form content to keep your users engaged. Along with that, give them useful information through explainer videos and podcasts. Podcasts, particularly, are trending these days as it keeps people updated with the latest news while being on the move.

The more valuable content you publish, the more credibility you build, and the more impactful personal brand you create.

Summing up

Today’s top-performing professionals are social professionals. When you become a part of LinkedIn, you’re joining an interactive network place where people are looking to learn, interact, and engage.

Once you start building your brand on LinkedIn, you’ll be shocked at the number of opportunities that knock your door.

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