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Moving to Perth is not as easy as it seems because the migration process is fraught with complexity and difficulty. But successfully moving to this city means you will have the capital city and largest city of Western Australia as your new home filled with panoramic outdoor vistas, historical landmarks, and modern city amenities. With many migration agents saturating the market, how do you ensure that you will be the agent that aspiring immigrants will choose? Here are some tips to help you be the best migration agents in Perth:

Be a Certified MARA Agent

Only accredited migration agencies are certified by MARA. This acronym stands for the Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority. This is a regulatory division of the Australian government which has the obligation to regulate and monitor all the migration agents working towards the successful move of many migrants around the world. They are there to filter fraudulent activities, especially those scam artists that take your supposed application money and run away. MARA ensure that each and every agency meets the skills and knowledge requirements to get their job done. If you are an agency that qualifies for MARA accreditation, this is tantamount to saying you are indeed a legitimate agency. You should leverage on this certification by posting it on your website, brochures, and any correspondence. After all, you should be proud because not everyone gets the privilege of being certified.

Show Evidence of your Successful Roster of Clients

A reputable migration agency will have a long list of satisfied and happy clients. Be proud of this and ask your clients to leave personal testimonials on your web site. On top of that, be sure to ask them for positive reviews. One of the leading migration experts called Migration Agents Perth said that clients rely on word of mouth testimonials more than hard-selling advertising at this day and age. The successful cases you have handles are the solid proof that you need to show your track record and experience in handling migration cases. An agency who has nothing to hide will have no qualms about sharing this information with you, of course with the approval and consent of their past clients.  

Prove that you Value Client Privacy

In this modern digital age of technology, identity theft is rampant. If you want your prospective clients to trust you, you have to make sure that you protect their privacy. Giving this assurance on your official site, as well as stating it in your conversations will go a long way. But more importantly, you have to include a privacy stipulation in your client contract that you will be accountable should you or any of your staff divulge pertinent client information to a third-party. This gives your clients the assurance that all their sensitive and personal information will remain for your eyes only, and of course, the Australian Government with whom the details of the application are being lodged.

Make Sure There are No Hidden Fees

No person likes to be surprised with unexpected expenses so make sure that your costing is structured and clear right from the very start. Make a breakdown of the amount that will be allotted for each specific process. In that way, your clients can see where every single cent is going. Money is hard earned and no one wants to get ripped off and scammed. Providing a clear costing structure will prove to your clients that you are serious and that you are not trying to take advantage of them.

Refrain from Giving Any Guarantees

The migration process is very arduous as each specific case has to meet certain requirements. No two cases are exactly alike, so you cannot give empty promises of success. At most, you can just promise to do your very best in making sure the application process fast, all the documents are complete and correct, and the filing fees have been done. Experienced migration experts know that there are many things that can influence the Australian government’s decision from changing laws, incomplete documentation, or even reaching the resident visa cap.

Ascertain that your Staff is Highly Trained and Approachable

A good agency is comprised of reliable and trustworthy staff members that can easily answer questions. If you hire incompetent people, it will cause a breakdown in your migration agency. Educate your staff well so that they will be familiar with all the laws. More importantly, train them on the whole migration process, so they will know it like the back of their hand. Aside from that, they have to meet your clients with a smile and an approachable attitude because customer service is paramount to the success of any business.            

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