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The titular track for Forever starts things off with a solid momentum and a good amount of dsponaneity. The number of twists and turns that R3NN includes during this introductory track will keep fans interested through a nearly five-minute run time. This effort is vital as it showcases the number of twists and turns listeners will encounter as they move further into the disc. We dig the last minute or so of Forever; the gradual increase in speed until R3NN us hitting listeners over the head. Numerous shifts in the overall sound in the last few minutes ensures that this EP is hurtling at a breakneck speed as Heartbeat begins. Heartbeat immediately moves to 11; nods to Rustie and Zomboy are here. The drops on Heartbeat make sense in the overall context of this single. With straightforward synths pulling fans at an ever faster rate, R3NN is able to effortlessly imbue the second half of the single with a number of distinct movements. The combined chaos of Heartbeat dovetail nicely into Countdown. The back and forth between the spoken introductory section and distorted synths portends something impressive to follow. Countdown breaks the mid-album doldrums that a great many performers fall into by coming forth with the quickest, sickest, and downright dirty synth arrangements and klaxons.

In My Head is a poppier effort than much of the fare on Forever. With assertive female vocals and more atmospheric synths, there’s no denying that this could easily garner airplay alongside Astralwerks or Spinnin’ records act. Stay Wild is the final cut on R3NN’s Forever EP, gradually moving from a more contemplative opening into a technically detailed, dense composition that requires fans to strap on a pair of headphones to hear the sheer work put into crafting the opus.

Top Tracks: In My Head, Stay Wild

Rating: 8.6/10

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