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Everything I Ever Wanted showcases David Haerle’s ability to weave a compelling story with his instrumentation. Nary a vocal is needed during his latest single to craft a varied and detailed narrative. A focal point to the composition, David’s guitar riffs gradually rise in technical skill and speed before giving the punctual drums and robust bass line ample time to shine. Together, this trio of tools combine to make some of the headier dynamics we’ve experienced from rock music. While the song itself builds upon the tradition of Queens of the Stone Age or late 1980s/early 1990s Tom Petty, Everything I Ever Wanted is much more than that. Truly epic in its finished format, this song will reverberate loudly in listeners’ minds long after it ceases to play.

We’ve covered Haerle’s previous singles Tell Your Story,  Glendale,  Finding NatalieDo You Know Surrender, and Women Make The World Go ‘Round previously.

David Haerle “Everything I Ever Wanted” /

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