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Having a Smartphone in your hand means gaining sheer access to keep yourself updated with your favorite sports and tournaments.

People, who love to watch sports and make themselves involved in them are generally the one who wants to be a part of the game. You can be the part of the game by betting on your favorite sports with getting high knowledge and guidance on how to bet from website, with the help of extremely highly knowledgeable experts.


ESPN is the most updated sports app for Android and iOS that brings users the latest news and information from the sports world. The app provides a range of stuff from inside the playground including live scores, breaking stories on teams and leagues and expert analysis. With quick updates and a variety of sporting events, ESPN appeals to sports enthusiasts throughout. Users can get personalized sports news about all their favorite athletes and teams by customizing the list of teams.

CBS Sports

Like ESPN, CBS Sports also keeps you updated on individual scores, statistics, analysis and news on your favorite sports teams. The app comes with live streaming options for many sporting events such as NCAA basketball and PGA Tour. Users can also get access to on-demand game highlight videos, professional analytics, and other related programs. Additionally, users can listen to CBS Sports Radio for live broadcasts and watch the CBS Sports Headquarters channel for a high-quality video streaming experience.

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports is a free app to get you all the necessary sports information instantly which includes news, statistics, scores, events and more. It is equipped with many great features such as reading stories written by sports analysts and buffs. You can locate games like the NHL, NBA, NACAR, NCAA, MLS, and NFL, with precise alerts when the event starts and wraps up. Apart from these leagues, you can also be made aware of football leagues like Spanish La Liga, Barclays Premier League, Champions League, etc.


A break is popular for game news as well as instant game updates, analysis and score. TheScore outshines other apps with its event calendar that allows users to keep track of upcoming games, latest scores, highlight plays, and stats from previous games. Its sports report provides a detailed breakdown for statistical seekers for each play. It lets you follow teams and players, gets personalized notifications of news and plays an important role for you. Also, you have social features to share stories and game summaries with your peers and followers.


The Eurosport app has a user-friendly interface that is a perfect companion when you want sports updates on the go. Like a score, Euro sport also comes with a sports calendar and has live scoring options, with more than 150 news articles maintained on a daily basis. Users can also enjoy webchat with players, making individual races and games real with live text commentary. The app features football’s most famous leagues, F1 races, golf, and tennis tournaments as well as favorite players such as Serena Williams, Nadal, Murray, Sharapova, Djokovic and many more.

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