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You know what they say: 40s are the new 30s, so make sure to provide your birthday buddy with nothing but the best for their big day. However, no matter how well you know them, grabbing presents for such an important occasion is not easy. Luckily, here’s a practical list of great 40th b-day presents that will certainly leave a big impression.

New gadgets

If you think only youngsters are into tech, you’re so wrong. Your birthday boy or girl certainly has some gadget wishes. No matter how tech-savvy they are, they probably have a smartphone that can be connected to a new FitBit and provide them with a great overview of their workouts and health conditions. If they prefer fun over fitness, you can grab a new Oculus Go, a personal VR headset that will bring them countless hours of entertainment. On the other hand, if practicality is all they care about, a smart speaker will definitely make their life easier, no matter if you grab one for the office or home.

Collectable items

Most adults have at least one passion that involves collecting, so if you know what that is, you’re settled. Find a specialized store that caters to their hobby and pick something you know they want and don’t have in their collection. If you’re not sure what that item is, consult with their SO or close friends and they will gladly share some info. Or, if they don’t have a collection but always wanted to have one, you can help them start by providing them with a first item. Some of the most popular collectable items today are vinyl records, action figures, comic books and wine.

Personalized items

There’s no better way to surprise someone than with a completely personalized item. No matter who your friend is, they will love sporting a stylish monogram clutch perfect for storing a few business documents and other necessities. These are suitable for work, nights out and fancy dinner parties, so you no matter what your friend’s lifestyle is, they will get to accessorize their days with your present. On the other hand, if your birthday buddy loves wine, why not visit one of the websites that offer a possibility of creating your own wine label. You can toast with your gift right away or they can store it and wait until it gets better with age. Make sure to honor their betterment as a person and include plenty of wonderful words on the label.

A themed party

This one’s a classic b-day gift for your closest friend. If you know they love surprise parties, find a theme you know they will love and throw a smashing 40th birthday party. This is not only a great way to repay them for all the years of friendship, but it will also make it easier to get over this big milestone in their life. If they have birthday blues, being surrounded by all the amazing people they have in their life will definitely help cheer them up.

Tickets for events

A milestone like a 40th birthday asks for some amazing experiences. So, if you birthday buddy is a major sports fan, whip out the big guns and get them some VIP or club level seats for their fave club or any grand event (NBA playoffs, Superbowl or anything in high demand). On the other hand, if your friend is a great music fan, you can snag some tickets for a nice concert. You can even accompany them and have a super fun night out with plenty of dancing and singing.

Box of coupons

If you want to get a gift that will 100% fit their personality and hobbies (especially if they have a lot of those) start collecting useful coupons, box them and surprise them with a bunch of amazing discounts and freebies. If you can’t make up your mind and grab just one bigger gift, this will be a perfect solution for you. Include coupons for dinners out, massages, events, iTunes and anything else that fits their interest. If a few of you decide to pinch in, you can get 40 coupons for each year the planet has been blessed with your friend’s existence.

Simple Yet Meaningful Items

A gift doesn’t need to be expensive for the recipient to like it. As long as you consider their preferences, you can get a simple yet meaningful gift for your friend who’s turning 40. For example, do you have inside jokes that only the two of you understand? If it’s a yes, why not get them a cute, funny T-shirt that references one of your private jokes? It’s nothing fancy, but it packs a lot of meaning and thoughtfulness. They’ll love it to bits.

Even if you don’t find the perfect gift for your friend here, these ideas will definitely spark some ideas that will make your friends 40th b-day an even to remember!

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