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At some point in time, you are likely to get locked outside your house. You might be thinking such a thing cannot happen to you, that you are too careful to get that mixed up. But before you get ahead of yourself, remember your off days. Days when everything goes wrong, such are the days you likely to lock yourself outside your home.

If you do not take timely preventive measures against getting locked out, you are likely to incur unnecessary charges together with wasting your precious time, and you can learn strategies for this at One such precautionary measure is using a smart lock. The following is a comprehensive explanation of how to use a smart lock to prevent you from locking yourself out.

How to Safely Use Smart Locks

There are reasons why the usage of smart locks has been on the rise in the past few years. Their ability to ensure your home is secure, and also prevent you from locking yourself out, make these technologically enhanced locks the way to go.

There are a few types of smart locks you can choose to use. Depending on your daily schedule, pick one that best suits your lifestyle and family members. From keypad sequence locks, eye-scanning locks, to fingerprint locks, make sure you choose the one that suits you most. You can also use wireless smart locks or fob enabled locks.

We are now going to take a look at a few ways that will make sure you get the best out of your smart locks.

  1. Devise Individual Codes

If you are using a smart lock that is unlocked using codes, then to make sure everyone in your family is covered, create codes for all your family members. This way, you will be able to keep track of those who come in and go out of your home while still preventing anyone from locking themselves out.

Most smart locks allow up to ten codes, while others come with the possibility of an unlimited number of users. This will also make sure that every member of your family can access your home at any given time, even when you are not around. Using the smart lock app, you will be able to know which code or user unlocked your door by checking the history.

  • Keep Your Smart Lock Up to Date

Make sure to always keep your smart lock and its associated apps up to date. Most companies that make these locks use software or firmware updates to tackle any rising security faults or to improve their lock technology. 

Because of this, ensure to regularly check your lock to make sure you are always at per with the current technology. You updating your smart lock could be the difference between locking yourself outside your home and not.

  • Take Advantage of the Extra Features

There are a few extra features that smart locks use to make sure your home is secure. One such feature is a decoy number. The decoy number lights up on the screen of the smart lock before you type in your code, this way it makes sure of the security of your home.

Such a feature will prevent intruders from gaining access to your home. Burglars, who try to guess your smart locks code, to get access to your residence, will not be able to do so; if you incorporate this specialty.

  • Make Use of Scheduling

Many smart locks have the option of scheduling codes. Taking that into account, you can set a code to be valid at a given time interval throughout the week. Working only for a given time and expiring when the time has elapsed.

Such a system will be very integral to you if you are renting out your home to guests. For instance, if you rent out your apartment out for a weekend, you can come up with a code that will only be operational through the weekend. This way, you can give access to your home to your guests; for the agreed amount of time.

  • Add A Pin to Voice Unlocking Locks

If the smart lock of choice uses your voice to unlock, it would be wise to add a pin to make sure your home is secure. It is necessary because it is also possible for someone who is not a member of your family to ask the voice assistant to unlock your door; if they have a few essential details about your lock.

Final Thought

Smart locks not only prevent you from being locked outside your home; they also make your life easier and offer you additional security. The above are features you can incorporate to ensure your smart lock serves you best. You now do not have to worry about not entering your home because you lost your key, or losing valuable items to burglars. Smart locks make accessing your residence easier to the right people and ensure it is impossible for intruders.

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