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Whether it’s the middle of the winter months or the end of the summer season, a great vacation is always a good idea. This is especially true if you’re looking to travel to the Caribbean. With islands like Trinidad, Grenada and St. Lucia, you can’t go wrong with a tropical experience. However, it is important to consider your budget. The areas you spend the most money can make the most impact on your experience. This is why it’s good to plan a few splurges while you’re on your next big trip. Consider the following ideas.

1. Direct Flights

There are many people who underestimate the toll traveling can take on your body. It can be extremely exhausting. Knowing this, it’s important to find ways to protect the energy you do have. Though it might cost a bit more, consider a direct flight when you’re going and coming. You want to be able to rebound from the traveling process in a way that allows you to be present and enjoy the moments. If you’re taking a whole day of your vacation to recover from the trip there, you rob yourself of fun in the sun and more quality time in a new place. Make sure you get your airline insurance as well. If something happens where the airline ruins your flight arrangements in some way, you can get airline delay compensation.

2. Local Cuisine

Especially if you’re a self-proclaimed “foodie”, you’ll definitely want to spend some extra money on the local cuisine. Fine dining is great because you know that the chef is qualified and certified to properly make food that’s according to a certain standard. Though it might look inviting and interesting, you’ll want to be cautious about eating food from random street vendors. It might look fancy on television, but might not be wise in real life. This is especially true when you’re in a foreign country and don’t know the culture well. Most natives can spot a tourist from a mile away. Spend the extra money for great reservations to incredible local restaurants.

3. Accommodations

While there is nothing wrong with staying with family members or reserving a local apartment for your vacation time, it’s a great idea to upgrade your experience by reserving a few nights in a luxurious location. Even if you choose to book one of the Caribbean villas for three nights instead of the full seven nights you’re there, it’s a great way to enjoy the fullness of someone serving you, tending to your every need and pampering you.

4. Global Entry

This is a splurge that will encourage you to prioritize your vacations and schedule them on a consistent basis. When you apply for the Global Entry program, you’ll be recognized as a frequent traveler who can get special privileges. These special privileges include enjoying a shorter line when you’re traveling through customs and immigration. These lines can be significantly longer when you’re on your way from various countries. If you pay an extra fee, you’ll be able to join the program and enjoy the perks.

5. Airport Lounges

There is something really magical and special about taking time out to regularly travel. Whether you’re traveling to the Caribbean or within the states, it’s good to consider a membership at a particular airline lounge. Airline lounges are for people who tend to travel often. They get to enjoy amenities like showers, food, and personal assistance. If something has gone wrong with your flight accommodations, they have personnel who will take care of it for you. If there’s a delay with your flight, you can just kick your feet up and enjoy the lounge area until you’re connected with a new flight time.

6. Group Tours

The last thing you want to do is visit a foreign country to trust a random stranger. Scam artists will prey on tourists who don’t know better. This is why it’s great to reserve group tours in advance. If you have any water or shopping excursions you’d like to enjoy, look online for people who host verified tours. It’s also wise to make sure they have lots of good, legitimate reviews.

If you don’t have enough wiggle room in your budget to afford all of these splurges, it’s totally fine to pick one or two. Just know that the right splurges are worth the extra penny-pinching and saving in order to enjoy the best time while you’re on vacation.

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