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“A sweet desire to shop online and buy the latest collection at discounted prices never goes out of fashion”.

Online sites and consumers play the game of cat-and-mouse in the marketing sense. They both are looking to get as many benefits as they can without losing one another. There’s a line to which both sides agree and respect. The shopping hacks are an extension of it and offer both sides an equal chance to serve the goals.

We’ve created a list of top 10 online shopping hacks.

1. Ask for Coupons to Set the Expectations

Some customers are dying to buy a specific dress. They don’t hesitate to ask for discounts. It’s their loyalty to the brand, shopping behavior that never stops them from making inquiries. And it’s their right to do. You can ask your favorite brands as you’ve been a loyal customer. Every online customer should take a lesson and ask for coupons in favor of signing up with them. Brands consider it a win of the marketing strategies. Customers, on the other hand, get an opportunity to avail the best deals.Though you can get a huge discount on different stores like Macy’s, NEIMAN MARCUS, ANN TAYLOR.

2. Free Shipping is a Big Bonus

Not every site offers free shipping both ways- Direct and return. It also means you can order for a size less or more to find the right fit. The shipping policies are different. You shouldn’t take anything for granted and read them carefully before doing the shopping. The return shipping turns the whole shopping experience sour. As an active shopper, you should be able to save time and money. Shopping hacks help you to save money not by getting discounts all the time. There are other ways to save money too.

3. Credit Cards Rule over Debit Cards

Credit cards are safer than debit cards. Were you surprised? Banks take swift action against any suspicious activities on your credit card. In the world of online shopping, a refund is done faster to a credit card holder in comparison to a debit card. You weren’t sure about the safety aspect. Now, you’ve got the assurance and advantage of using a credit card.

4. Shopping Carts Offer Unlikely Rewards, Coupons

Have you ever wondered or seen your friend getting a discount on an item she wasn’t planning to buy till next month? There’s a secret behind it. You should select the items you wish to buy, put them in the cart and leave them behind. You should wait and see if the customer support team contacts you. There could be two situations if the plan goes right. They would contact you, knowing that you wanted to buy those items and offer a discount. In the event of an upcoming sale, they’d inform you about it in advance.

5. Follow Favourite Brands on Social Media Aggressively

Brands follow rigorous social marketing to attract new followers and reward the existing ones. They announce exclusive discounts or run contests on social media channels. You have always got a chance to participate in one of these contests and win something or get your hands on free items as one of the first few lucky participants.

6. Check Multiple Sites to Get the Best Deals

Which is your favorite shopping website? Which is your second, third and fourth favorite website? Online shopping works in mysterious ways. You may be able to find a discount on an item which isn’t available on other sites. You could call yourself lucky or call it an effective marketing strategy. The upside is you would get to learn about the customer service or business philosophy of the top sites.

7. Influencers can Get You a Sweet Deal

Influencer marketing has become integral to marketing programs. You should follow the top influencers to read reviews and get discounts. As a part of the marketing strategy, you can get discounts by following them or buying through them. Online shopping has invented crazy marketing techniques.

Online shopping isn’t about saving money alone. It’s about playing smart to fishy scams, fake products, and false reviews. What if you come across a site that offers discounts that you’ve ever heard anywhere before? It would ring an alarm. You should do the homework and buy products from trusted and reputed brands.

8. Read Reviews, Comments to Stay Alert

Online marketplaces have multiple vendors selling products in each category. You should pick the top vendors and buy products from them. The reviews left by existing customers offers an insight into the business model. You should learn about the customer service and ratings of the vendor before buying from them.

9. Friends Bring You the Luck

Refer a friend and win coupons or cash discounts. It’s a pretty cool way to strengthen the bond of friendship among people and earn rewards in return. You wish you would have more friends. It’s about networking in modern society.

10. Subscribe for Newsletters to Get Information on Deals

Every major brand, shopping site offers an option to subscribe for newsletter.  You should subscribe to the newsletter from your favorite brands to stay updated. It gives you an edge to prepare for sales and upcoming events. You can do the planning and start saving in advance. You don’t want to leave it upon chance when it comes to sales and shopping.

Online shopping culture has dominated all spheres of life. Consumers have also become aware of the techniques to save money. They know the brands are after the membership, their loyalty. They’ve put a price on it. They would do shopping from a site which offers them the latest products, a pool of options, attractive prices and excellent customer service. They want these sites to know they can trust them before sharing their personal and other sensitive information such as credit cards. Online shopping sites should earn their trust, respect.

Buying a product at a reduced price is one aspect of smart shopping. You should enjoy each shopping session. Every time you visit your favorite site, you should get to learn about the ever-changing world of fashion. What consumers expect is to get information on fashion trends, exclusive deals and designer products. They expect the site to be a source of industry information.

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