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The province of Manitoba and its capital city is known for many things, and depending on who you are and what kind of an experience you are looking to get from the move, Winnipeg may or may not be the suitable choice. To put that into better perspective, here are a few facts about the city that should help you weigh the pros and cons in respect to your specific situation, and make the right choice by yourself.

Living Costs are Very Affordable

Be it for food, accommodation or transportation, Winnipeg happens to be one of the most affordable cities in Canada to live in. Unfortunately, a huge growth in the number of condos consequently saw a sharp decline in luxurious accommodation options in Winnipeg – that is, until a few years ago.

Companies like A&S Homes are now changing the Winnipeg luxury apartment rentals scene for the better, and as of now, multiple, luxurious properties are available for rent in the city at all-inclusive rates. Located in the safest areas around Winnipeg, these luxurious apartments have added a whole new dimension to living in the city, as well as making it ideal for a wider range of settlers.

The Winters are Freezing in Manitoba

The entire province of Manitoba is a very cold place during the winter months, and Winnipeg is not exempt from seeing temperatures that dip down below even the -35oF mark. On those particularly freezing nights, staying indoors is likely going to be the best option for the elderly or young children in particular. The millennials and new gen crowds, however, have plenty of opportunities to explore the snow and ice in all their frozen glory.

The Summers are Pretty Awesome

In between late April and September, the climate in Winnipeg warms up considerably to a point where it becomes pleasantly warm. The sunshine and the daylight hours in Winnipeg are also among the highest in all of Canada throughout the year, but during the summer, the warmth of the sun is truly felt and enjoyed. A number of food and cultural festivities are also held during this time, which is what draws so many tourists to Winnipeg every year.

Unemployment Rates are Below the National Average

As far as work is concerned, Winnipeg offers a varied range of opportunities to skilled workers in particular. Also, the entire province of Manitoba is praised for nurturing entrepreneurship, due to the low operational expenses.

Surprisingly enough for a lot of people, in spite of Winnipeg suffering from high crime rates, that doesn’t seem to have much to do with unemployment! If you move to the city and you have decent qualifications/ experience in any field of work, finding a job shouldn’t be too hard, given that Winnipeg actually has a much lower rate of unemployment than the national average.

All things said and done, and considering the affordable housing and living standards, it’s a popular spot for young Canadians to move in and get started on building a life for themselves.

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