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Simply put, it is difficult to keep one’s spirits high in office life. There are so many routine things that have to be done, office illnesses that are being kicked around, and a general sense of malaise that permeates every facet of the work day. There are few things that one can do about it during their actual time on the clock, so workers have had to become innovative in their ways to let off some steam and keep the ills of the office as far away as humanely possible. Our favorite activities during the work day (on company-mandated breaks, of course) have to be online activities. Heere are a few of our suggestions.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a venerable mobile application at this point. Online on the Play Store since 2016, Pokemon Go has had a number of changes since it first was released. This means that those that became bored of the application a few years back will be sucked back in through to inclusion of shadow pokemon, Team Rocket grunts, and a trading system that allows indivisduals a free evolution. Of course, there have been a number of different pokemon that have been added to the base game over the course of the last few updates.

Being able to walk around during office hours will combat fatigue, decrease stress, and may ultimately result in making some new friends around the office.

Online Gaming

Our other suggestion this time around concerns mobile gaming. We had downloaded an app previously that allowed us to play some slot machines using funds that were ultimately given to us. While individuals could easily put their own money into the account, it was easy enough to wait overnight and have some funds in the account by the time that our shift started back up in the morning. Making sure you find the right app, especially reading through online casino reviews is absolutely essential. We had a slot application for example that allowed us to bankroll our winnings into nights at a number of well-known casino properties.


Cubicle life is difficult. However, there are a great many activities that one can do during their time on the clock that will ensure that the 9 to 5 grind is a bit less strenuous than it has been. Let us know in the comments what sort of things that you do to ensure that your time logged in to your office computer is a bit less harrowing.

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