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Despite the huge move towards ‘cutting the cord’ trend, cable services still hold a top spot in the telecom market of today. Why is that? Because cable neither suffers from the weather interferences like satellite nor does it abandon the viewers with a loading screen. If the cable is one thing, it is reliable. The signals, which travel through double-bound coaxial wires from the ISP’s node to your house, are strong and steady. That is why more than 44% of residents in America still stick to cable service, according to Statista. Wondering about the best cable service providers near you? Check out the most outstanding companies below to compare broadband online.

Xfinity from Comcast

One of the best attributes of this cable provider is that it offers the highest possible broadband speeds in the market, amounting to 2 Gig. Though they are not available everywhere, still it shows the dedication of the ISP to push limits and bring high-speed connectivity to each household across the U.S. Xfinity also offers no-contract options for people who cannot afford to commit to a single plan for a specified time. Its advertised speeds start from 15 Mbps (Performance Starter Plan – $29.99/mo.) and go up to 2000 Mbps (Gigabit Pro Plan – $299.95/mo.), with generous data allowances.

As regards the cable TV service, Xfinity excels here as well. It’s Digital Starter TV plan encompasses all the top local and popular network channels, including Discovery, AMC and ESPN, etc. for a mere price of $49.99/mo. It comes with a contract and without it – serving every consumer need. Not just that, you can get state-of-the-art X1 DVR equipment, a huge On Demand library and the advanced Xfinity Stream app with every TV package. So, do not hesitate to check out Xfinity’s latest offers and subscribe to its cable plans for home or office.

Charter Spectrum

Being the second most popular residential cable provider by coverage, Charter Spectrum has the right to be on our list. Offering no data caps, no contracts, and no modem charges, it has managed to gain an edge in the telecom market. Spectrum’s utilization of the latest DOCSIS 3.1 network technology and the Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial infrastructure has enabled it to offer 1 Gig speeds to the people in selected areas. At present, it offers three variations of internet and cable TV in its well-tiered plans, which are:

  Internet Plans   TV Plans
Standard Ultra Gig Select Silver Gold
Speeds 100 Mbps 400 Mbps 940 Mbps Channels 125+ 175+ 200+
Monthly Prices* $49.99 $69.99 $104.99 Monthly Prices* $44.99 $69.99 $89.99

*Prices are promotional and may change after the first year

You can either choose the cable services a la carte or you can combine them in the form of combo deals. Click here to learn about Spectrum’s infinite bundling possibilities.


For individuals who are not power users of the internet and need basic speeds to cover their daily activities, Cox is an ideal cable provider. In its a Starter 10 package, Cox offers 10 Mbps speeds for only $29.99 and if you want more, then there’s Essential (30 Mbps for $39.99/mo.), Preferred (150 Mbps for $59.99/mo.), Ultimate (300 Mbps for $79.99/mo.) and even Gigablast (1000 Mbps for $99.99/mo.) plans available across the country. The speeds essentially depend on where you live.

Besides the “great value” internet plans, Cox’s cable TV service is also a force to be reckoned with. Though relatively pricey in contrast to its competitors, the Contour TV comes with more than 140 channels and includes a convenient Voice Remote, Live TV, streaming apps, On Demand, DVR and other enticing services in its plan. One of the winning points about Cox is that it empowers you to customize the channels to your liking without having to pay for those you do not watch. So, be sure to sift through Cox’s cable plans before finalizing a provider. 

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