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For many individuals, one of the hardest parts of grinding herb is how often one’s fingers fail to break the material down to a manageable size. IF one chooses to purchase a grinder, the process is done more quickly but at a serious cost – the grinder has to be broken down regularly and cleaned with isopropol alcohol or other solvent. This is a finicky business, to say the least. The grinders that one will find out in the wild are virtually identical to one another, save for some variation in the material being used, the number of spikes that they have, and how many specific parts are present. There has not, until today, been a better way to pulverize dry plant material.

Cloudious9 has released their Tectonic 9 grinder, which looks pretty similar to other grinders that are out on the market. However, the company has incorporated a number of new technologies to make the finished product more consistent and the cleaning process fro the device a bit more simplistic.

Separating the wheat from the chaff

There are a number of bells and whistles that make the Tectonic 9 grinder a stronger buy than any similar device on the market. First, the device has a motor that vibrates the material while it is being ground. The net positive of this is that the material seems to stick a little less readily to the spikes and sides of the grinder. Secondly, there is a way to look at the inside of the grinder with the product’s see-through side. Adding a bit of light to this chamber ensures that one knows precisely how fine of a grind that they have for their dry herb. Finally, for those looking to have greater control over where the product is dispensed, there is a magnetic chute that can be deployed. This chute ensures that one can place the dry herb in whatever narrow position it needs to be.

The Tectonic 9 grinder reinvents a timeless design. Anyone that is serious about eliminating waste and decreasing the amount of down time one has with their grinder should purchase their own.

The Tectonic 9 grinder is available from Amazon for around $60. Make sure to add Cloudious 9’s social media profiles to learn more about the full range of product that the company offers.

Tectonic 9 Grinder / Cloudious 9

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