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Better Day is the lead-off track from DownTown Mystic’s same-named new album (due out January 24th on Sha-La Music). Better Day is a track that could easily make it onto rock rotation in the early eighties as DownTown Mystic blends together hopeful vocals with laid-back guitars and on-point drumming. There’s a bit of an edge to Better Days that gradually reveals itself as Robert adopts a bit of the “Unmasked”-era KISS sound to his vox. The dynamic established between the guitars and drums leads to some pretty impressive stuff coming down the pipeline; an extended instrumental section will keep fans on the edges of their seats at the two-minute mark. Better Day portends good things for the rest of DownTown Mystic’s latest release.

We have covered DownTown Mystic’s On E Street and Rock’n’Roll Romantic. Further information about the band can be found on their main domain or social media profiles.  

DownTown Mystic – “Better Day”

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