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The Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is one of the most well planned, stunning, and fourth busiest airports in the world. Traveling to Los Angeles is a dream come true for many. Since the massive airport can be confusing for several of you, we have decided to guide you through what you must do when you land at LAX. Expected to be completed by 2023, LAX is presently in the midst of a major $15 billion modernization project that started in 2009. Post the upgrade; the Los Angeles International Airport will have automated people movers, a brand-new car rental center, as well as road improvements to facilitate smooth movement of traffic. 

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Declare the riches 

The most important thing to do after you have landed at LAX is to collect your luggage and head to customs clearance. Please note that different terminals have different custom checkpoints. Thus, you do not need to switch terminals at any point. Even before your flight takes off from your location, you can find out about the terminal at which you are going to land. Accordingly, you can head to the customs point to declare anything expensive that you have. Luggage storage Los Angeles airport is no hassle! 

Wi-Fi > oxygen 

If you are an international traveler, then the first thing to cross your mind as soon as you land at LAX will be Wi-Fi. It is the simplest way to update your friends and family back home that you have reached. Moreover, you can contact your chauffeur via WhatsApp calling. LAX has exceptionally strong Wi-Fi services that can be accessed in any public area. You have to select the option that says “_LAX Free WIFI”. It will redirect you to another page where you may have to watch a 15 to 30-second video before the connection is established. Please remember that this access is for 45 minutes only. With a payment of $7.95, you get access to high-speed internet for 24 hours and $9.95 makes you eligible for unlimited monthly access. 

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? 

After luggage collection, have you noticed that a bag is missing? Well, there is no need to panic. On the contrary, you must double-check if someone from your family has already collected it. In the case of a negative answer, you need to head straight to the airline office or counter at LAX. The authorities will check if the property was lost on board or have been left behind at the venue of departure. Either way, LAX will try its best to locate your property as soon as possible. 

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If only you knew Dora the Explorer

Finding your way around in a new city can be extremely difficult. However, you are blessed to be landing at LAX. There are more than 175 customer care representatives who are well-versed and fluent in over 25 international languages. Every arrival level of each terminal has customer support representatives. The information desks located at Terminal B is functional from 6 AM to 12 AM each day. 

Let’s talk about money 

ATMs are situated throughout all the LAX terminals. The gates, baggage claim areas, and the center points in all the terminals are some of the most common ATM spots. If you already have your currency with you and wish to exchange it at the airport, then you may avail of the services of the currency exchange offices. Please note that there is no currency exchange service at terminals 1 and 3. 

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Hop on to the train, bus, or cab services

You can get instant access to public transport outside each terminal. The color-coded signs will help you better. They are:

· LAX shuttle: Blue

· Buses such as Metrobus and Flyaway bus: Green 

· Taxis: Yellow

· Shared vans and shuttles: Orange

· Hotel shuttles: Red 

· Ride-share options such as Uber or Lyft: Brown and black 

This is your pocket-guide on what to do as soon as you land at LAX. in case of any further queries, you can contact the information desks that can be found at each terminal. The airport aims to make your journey easier, happier, and safer. We hope you have an excellent stay at LAX and though the airport does not have any luggage storage facility, we have you covered for luggage storage Los Angeles airport. 

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