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V-HAJD is able to call back to 1980s and 1990s metal with their latest track No Man’s Land. The supersonic vocals that are immediately presenting during this single are reminiscent of performers like Dio, Queensryche, and The Scorpions. The taut instrumentation of V-HAJD is nothing to sniff at, either. This means that the drums are intricate as all get out, while the guitar lines that play at the background here do a solid job in ferrying the vvox to all the places that they need to be. The nearly six-minute run time of No Man’s Land may seem daunting to new listeners, but the band ensures that fans are left on the edges of their seat from the track’s onset all the way until the band decides to close up shop.

The production of V-HAJD’s latest works perfectly for the retro sound that the act is trying to foster. This means that each element has the ability to gain the spotlight for an extended length of time while coming back to the fold. We’re in love to the sizzling guitar riffs that will confront listeners when the band hits the 3:45 mark. The band ends the song in a tremendous different fashion they started, but are able to offer up a cohesive and coherent effort throughout.

Let us know what you think about V-HAJD’s No Man’s Land and what sort of influences that you are able to pick out during your first playthrough. We feel that the song is tremendously respectful in moving back to the 1980s power metal and early 1990s hard rock tat bands like Megadeth and Fates Warning were churning out back then. Make sure to visit the band’s domain for more information about their discography and additional samples of their music.

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