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As the long holiday season has made it is marked and the mercury has dropped below freezing points, many people are planning to fly out to tropical destinations. It is one of the best decisions that you can make at this time of the year when there is nothing much to do around other than enjoying a pizza and probably a steaming bug of coffee by the fireplace. There can be nothing more perfect than heading off to a tropical beach and enjoy some sunshine and fresh air. However, before you embark on your tropical retreat, make sure you have packed the right way to ensure you have the time of your life on your vacation.

Do Not Over-Pack

This cannot be stressed enough. Watch what you are packing and ditch the urge of taking your entire wardrobe along with you. The good news is that tropical destinations are not as chilly at this time of the year so you do not need layers of clothing. A pair of jeans, shorts, a cocktail dress or any formal wear and a few resort wear and beach suits are more than enough. Wear a good pair of joggers or sneakers and keep a pair of Flip Flops or Hawaiians for the beach. Packing light will not only make your life easier during your excursions, but you can also save up on travel costs.

Go Easy on Makeup

We live in the age of Social Media and cannot resist the temptation of clicking a hundred selfies and uploading dozens of snap stories. It is great to look your best on the trip for those perfect photos but that does not mean you carry around your entire vanity. Moreover, you will waste unnecessary time in using all those products and then removing them. Get travel-sized versions of basic makeup supplies such as concealer, foundation, moisturizer, lipstick, blush, highlighter and bronzer, mascara and beauty blender. Ideally, go for palettes that have multiple products combined in a single pallet to save space. Tints are the hottest trend so try to grab on those for the perfect look.

Take Your Toiletries

You are traveling from a different region and the supplies provided by your hotel or resort might not suit your skin and hair. There is no point in those makeup looks if you end up with a bad hair day because the shampoo did not suit you or you get a breakout due to the wrong moisturizer. Get your toiletries to avoid such mishaps. Also, do not leave behind your sunscreen and mosquito repellants.


Check and double-check all the electronic devices that you wish to take along before you embark on your journey. Make sure you have the chargers, earphones and any other necessary peripherals. It would be a good idea to keep a spare battery for unforeseen circumstances.

Diving/ Swimming Gear

All beach destinations usually sell diving and snorkeling equipment on site. Going to a relevant store and getting properly-fitting mens dive suits before setting off is essential. That being said, being a tourist destination, expect a price hike and your resort will most likely overcharge you for the gear. You can buy the same gear for a fraction of a price from your home town.

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