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When the discussion of hormones comes up, we begin to explore various factors that may influence our growth hormone – both negatively and positively – as we age. Things, like taking care of our body, eating high-quality food and maintaining an active lifestyle, seem to play the most impactful role. While these suggestions may be true, here are lifestyle choices you need to avoid if you want to have healthy human growth hormone production as you age. Remember this: Each of these topics has been covered extensively in scientific literature and needs to be taken seriously by readers.

Understanding Growth Hormone

When individuals hear about growth hormone and its role within their bodies, many turn a blind eye. This stems from two factors: Lack of education and the inability to realize their health may suffer in the future. Growth hormone is one of the most powerful chemicals in our system and plays a large role in many of our body’s core functions. 

Our Pituitary Glad – the gland in our brain responsible for growth hormone secretion and regulation – plays a vital role in how we feel from day to day. The gland is located in the middle of our brain is related to energy production, body heat, sleep and bathroom activities. GH also helps us maintain the muscularity and joint integrity that we need during athletic movements and exercise. 

When we begin indulging in bad habits, which we will discuss later, all of these bodily functions become dull and inactive. To have a vibrant and active lifestyle, we must maintain the integrity of these mechanisms and adopt productive habits that facilitate our growth hormone production.

When to Be Worried

Although growth hormone tends to decline as we get older, certain telltale signs need to be further examined by a healthcare professional to understand what’s going on. The first, and often the most pertinent, sign that something may be occurring is when our energy levels are non-existent and exercise becomes challenging. GH has a direct role in how we store fat, produce lean muscle and maintain a sense of alertness throughout the day. Explore this list of symptoms related to low levels of growth hormone and see which ones apply to you:

  • Weight gain around the midsection
  • Sluggishness
  • Heart-related issues
  • Excessive skin dryness
  • Musculature atrophy
  • Impaired memory recall

Unhealthy Vices

If you are considering GH replacement from your doctor or at HGH Therapy Clinic, for example here, these are the areas that need to be addressed. At the top of our list are the lifestyle activities that have the most negative impact on one’s human growth hormone production. Do you find yourself reaching for a drink after a long day at work? Is lighting up a cigarette during your lunch break a way to break up the monotony of cubicle life and the endless paperwork? If you’ve said ‘yes’ to either of these questions, your growth hormone may be at serious risk.

For female readers that smoke, tread carefully! New literature found that indulging in nicotine and tobacco causes an imbalance within female biologies such as estrogen and growth hormone production. Should they continue this behavior moving forward, they can expect the following side effects:

  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Difficulty becoming pregnant
  • Menopausal symptoms
  • Increased risk of heart disease

For men, low GH levels present themselves differently. Have you noticed moments of anxiety and fear that seem to have no cause? Moreover, this can manifest itself during pertinent moments where concentration and willpower are required to complete a challenging task. Low growth hormone levels have been linked to certain side effects such as brain fog, inability to concentrate for extended periods, emotional instability and in some cases, premature balding. 

Readers should also maintain a regular sleep schedule during their recovery period. Avoid taking substances such as drugs, caffeine, alcohol and other stimulants that will impact one’s sleep. Growth hormone has been found to be the highest in individuals that maintain a healthy sleep schedule. Using outside substances can damage this routine, and cause GH secretion to become almost non-existent.

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