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Wanna Share is the opening effort on Renay’s new album, Pure Love. The effort will immediately draw fans in with the unique melange of pop, dance, and ambient / atmospheric styles. While the song is draped in the mid-to-late 1990s style of performers like Christina Aguilera and Madonna, there’s a vibrancy that permeates this single that will have it hang nicely with other songs climbing the charts. Inspire Me is a sea change from Wanna Share, coming forth with an insistent EDM effort that spans a range from dubstep to Spinnin’ Records acts. The charisma of Renay’s vox here allow her to move into some intense vocal sections without impacting the crossover potential of the composition.

Pure Love slows things up well, linking Renay’s narrative ability with a bit of a tribal dance sound. Fans will have their psyche and heart imprinted by Renay’s voice here, as she is able to effortlessly pull double duty in contributing to the song’s melody while telling participants a story that anyone can appreciate.

This Ride shatters the conception that late-album tracks are necessarily weaker than what is slotted first. This cut has the instrumental and vocal sides gradually cede the spotlight to one another. What results here is an earnest and honest single that touches upon Corinne Bailey Rae or India.Arie, if not back to the late-90s work of Mariah Carey. Butterfly is the final composition on Pure Love, beginning slowly before moving into a fairly robust pop/dance track. It is this holistic approach that acts as a bow, wrapping up the album like a present. We’re excited to hear more from Renay in the months and years to come; give her Facebook a spin if you’d like to experience more of her music.

Top Tracks: Wanna Share, Inspire Me

Rating: 8.6/10

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