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Life can sometimes be a wonderful, and sometimes it can be very mean. It may seem like all the efforts that you’re making to make things work out are going in vain and there’s nothing you can do about it. Bizarre, how many refer to this dilemma as ‘normal’ and advise us to ‘get over it without focusing on it too much.’ Weird, right? 

Life knocks many of us down. Pretty rude of it to do something like that, but what can we do, after all, it’s life. Sometimes, it pushes us to the edge of losing our sanity, while sometimes it brings us face-to-face with sadness. Whoever thought that life is easy, was wrong. For it gives us new challenges to overcome and new heartbreaks to fret over at every single turn.

It’s quite troublesome to see people giving up on life very easily. 1 in 10 lose all the hope in life. Their sadness, their hopelessness, and their worthlessness eventually drifts them into depression. Now, there must be something that you could do to get back up when life knocks you down. Something that would lift your spirits and give you a reason to be happy. Something, like the following things:

When Life Knocks You Down………

1.      Read your favorite book

Reading is the best way to teleport yourself to a realm where nothing is wrong and nothing is upsetting. Every time you feel as though your life has been going a little too hard on you, just take out your favorite book or walk to the nearest library and READ. Spend as many hours as you like reading your favorite book and forget about the bitterness of this cruel, cruel world.

2.      Take a Peaceful, Relaxing Stroll

Sometimes, a nice and peaceful walk in the park can fix all what is broken inside you, in just a snap! You can take your Boo, or your best buddy along with you to your favorite park, so you can talk about what’s been bringing you down. There’s nothing better than reflecting while taking a nice and peaceful walk. There’s nothing wrong if you want to go for a walk, all by yourself. You can listen to your favorite music or pet some good Doggos on your way.

3.      Go to a Pet Shelter

Pets are powerful little critters that can turn your frown upside down, almost instantaneously. 7 in 10 ‘parents’ feel relaxed in the company of their pets. But what about those who don’t have the time to keep pets? Well, that’s okay. If you’re going through a problematic phase in your life, but you don’t have a pet to share your joy with, then visit a pet shelter nearby. Take some water, pet food, toys and a whole lot of love to share with the little fur-balls, who are looking for love and care, just as you are.

4.      Paint

It doesn’t matter if you have a professional degree in Art or not. As long as painting makes you feel less stressed about things around you, just DO IT! There’s something about mixing some paints and throwing them up on a blank canvas, which makes you forget about the bitterness in your lives. Not to mention, you can even look up for a bunch of articles about what color combinations are best for unwinding a sad, depressed and a hopeless mind.

5.      Talk to Someone

There’s nothing worse than keeping your feelings bottled up and then letting them out at the wrong time. Surely, life can be a little to upsetting sometimes, but that doesn’t mean you are bound to keep everything in, until you reach your ‘exploding’ point. Talk to someone. Just call your friend over and get rid of the burden in your heart, over a nice cup of hot cocoa.

6.      Watch a Movie

Life can be upsetting but it doesn’t mean that you should keep obsessing over it. You can stream a couple of inspirational movies, and watch them to get yourself back on the track of motivation. There’s this beautiful movie, ‘The Pursuit of Happyness,’ where Will Smith’s character experiences the worst hardships of life, just to make it to the other end where there is success, peace and joy.

7.      Have a ‘Talk’ with Yourself

How can you overcome challenges unless you realize what you’re capable of? And what is the best way to know what you want than listening to your own voice. Take out time for yourself and reflect. Make a list of things that you want to do and the things that make you happy. Prioritize yourself. Life can sometimes make us ignore our own selves amid all the hardships, and that is not right. If you don’t like someone or something, then you have every right to avoid such people and such things. Your own mental peace matters and you cannot force yourself to be a part of something that deteriorates the peace of your mind.

8.      Use Hardships to Be Strong

The hurdles, the rough patches, are all part of our lives. It’s up to us how we use these situations to give ourselves hope and how we step out of these situations. Despite of how bad the situation is, it’s up you to use it to make yourself strong. Just remember that the harder you hit the ground, the stronger you will have to bounce back.

Let’s Learn to Look for Happiness!

When life gets hard, every trivial thing seems to be annoying, even your lagging internet. Often you may feel like screaming at anyone who comes in your way, including your internet customer service (you may not need to if you are calling Spectrum customer service though). However, you need to remember that no one has a hardship-free life. Everyone is dealing with their level of pain and anxiety. Therefore, no matter how worse the situation gets, just remember to believe in yourself and get back up. Your life is in your control, so you can steer it in whichever direction you want. Stay strong and life will never knock you down, again.

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