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Welcome! We are excited to get to chat with you! We saw that you posted recently after your show in New York and you said that it was the best stage you have played. What made it so amazing?

Red: There’s nothing really quite like New York, so we were super excited to be a part of the nightlife in that city. But all things considered, it was definitely all of the people we got to share that night with that made it so special. We had family, friends, and fans out to see us and really felt like we got to pour every bit of our energy into that performance.

It really seems that you both love being on tour and sharing your live show with fans. Has the Spectra Tour made you love performing even more than before?

Rome: Absolutely. When we started performing, there was a sort of ‘training wheels’ stage where we were just getting our bearings on stage. Especially with a duo, there’s a lot you have to learn about feeding off each other and reading the energy that can only come from practice. Now that we’re starting to get the hang of it, it’s safe to say we love doing our thing up there on stage.

What would you say are the positives and negatives of the music industry? What is it about the music industry that makes some artists push forward? What do you think makes some artists quit?

Red: This is definitely an industry of ups and downs, and the way musicians handle that is really important. There will be good times where you feel like you’re on top of the world but there will also be times where you don’t think you can give it another hour in the studio, or another take in the booth. I think it’s those times where you’re dirt tired and catching ‘L’ after ‘L’ that really can break people. But a big realization is that those tough nights are the things that make those ‘top of the world’ moments a reality, so that keeps us going.

Tell us about your setlist – how do you decide on what you play? Do you mix things up every night?

Rome: We built our set over time, tagging tracks and making lists! It’s a mixture of our own released music, older and newer unreleased stuff, songs from others that inspire us and speak to us, and of course new music we’ve created just for the set. We have a ton of songs that we’re ready to play and we usually decide, night by night, which ones are on the list.

Are you writing new music while you are touring?

Red: Definitely, we always try to keep ourselves creating. Whether that’s creating voice notes on our phones or starting projects with a little MIDI keyboard we travel with, the ideas have to keep flowing. Sometimes we’ll get little breaks in our schedule when we can sit down and start to flesh out the ideas and bits that we’ve saved up, who knows when one of those will turn into a new single!

What social media platform is your favorite to connect with fans and why?

Rome: Instagram for sure! Give us a follow at @TheKeymakers and say hi! We absolutely love connecting with fans and hearing their favorite tunes. We also share the most on there so it’s a great place to keep up with whatever we’re up to.

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