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Nothing has seen a bigger jump in popularity over the last decade than online casino games and 2020 won’t be slowing it down. 14 days of self-isolation is every gamers dream and if you can look for the good in the bad, wash it all down with a nice, cool Corona! Granted, it’s tough times out there, but the online world is shaping up for a huge year.

Rather than sticking to your favorite .com, spend some time shopping around to see what’s new out there. Sites like are a great place to find casino reviews to save you time trawling the net to freshen things up. We did and we’re here to show you what we think the newest and greatest will be in the coming twelve months.

Augmented Reality

Blending the real with the not is big business; 2018’s Pokemon GO being the perfect example. Casinos launching this technology into their games is not an if but a when and it’ll be huge. What’s holding it back is the need for extreme hardware to operate it at its peak. Will 2020 be the year?

The Rise and Rise of Skill Based Games

Players want a challenge. They want to be continually stimulated. Most of all, they want a break from their day-to-day monotony. Software providers are slowly grasping this and tweaking their games towards skill based rather than just plain dumb luck. Yes, there’s more potential to miss some coin, but we don’t think players mind this. It’s that challenge of beating the system that’s our dangling carrot. It will increase our involvement in the game and thus have punters playing for longer.

Virtual Reality

Starting with Texas Hold’em in late 2016, VR provides a huge leap for anyone home gaming. The interaction with other players is un-paralleled and really adds the missing link between brick and mortar and online casinos. Virtual gaming is going to increase and with slots in their sights, some epic games will be re-released to accommodate VR from the best providers. Watch this space.


The one thing that continually pops up on every gamers hate list is the lack of privacy online. We don’t want people knowing anything we didn’t publish on Facebook, certainly not our gambling habits. Currencies like Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum are sure to increase in popularity as a staple deposit method for casinos and offer players complete anonymity. Yes, Bitcoin has been around a while now, but we’re predicting a decent hike up the ladder to come.

Artificial Intelligence

No, we’re not predicting cyborg live dealers (not this year anyway). Think more tailoring a casino to the individual based on previous habits. AI is fully integrated into our current smartphones to guide us towards tailored marketing plans, and casinos will no doubt do the same. We should embrace it. At the least it’ll cut down our idle time scrolling past games we’ve never played and will never want to. Also, more efficient customer service and banking methods. Win, win.

Mobile Gaming

And the winner of biggest game changer of the past decade goes to …. mobile. Who doesn’t spend copious amounts of time on their phone these days? The answer is no one. Being able to play online through your mobile freed us all from the chains of our living rooms. No more idle chit chat to strangers about the weather. No more eye contact on the bus. If your nose aint in your phone then there’s something wrong. Mobile gaming may seem the norm but it wasn’t until fairly recently that this boom took over.

So although 2020 is definitely shaping up to be one to forget, there will still be some awesome stuff happening out there. Better still, all available from the comfort of our own home. Technology is booming and our good friends at the casinos are welcoming it all with open arms. So here’s to 2020 and may it be remembered as the year we all got some well needed alone time, with a healthy dose of gaming on the side.

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