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Are you interested in the opportunity of having a private Wimbledon main court in your backyard? Then artificial grass tennis court is the perfect option! In comparison to all the other surfaces, an artificial grass tennis court has numerous advantages.

Key benefits of an artificial grass tennis court:

1.    Easy Maintenance and Construction

Artificial grass tennis court requires more thorough maintenance only once in a year, in spring. Before the playing season starts, it is important to brush the court to remove all the moss and weeds, as well as top up the court with a special sand. However, the general maintenance of the court is remarkably easy – the court just needs to be cleaned of all the leaves and litter.

Furthermore, artificial grass tennis court construction is not too hard, and most importantly, costs less than almost any other surface. Additional equipment can be installed to the court as well, such as a practice wall.

2.    Healthier for the Body

Artificial grass tennis courts are safer than all the alternative surfaces. Tennis can be a rough sport for your body; therefore it is important to minimize the impacts on players’ joints. For example, clay courts can cause injuries from the movement of the clay material, and hard courts can be tough on joints. For that reason, the softness of the artificial grass helps to prevent injuries. It also reduces joint wear and stress to ankles, knees, hips, and lower back.

3.    Playing Advantages

Artificial grass tennis court dries out quickly and is far less slippery in wet weather than the other surfaces. That allows the players to return to the court and continue their game, therefore extending the court’s playing hours.

Furthermore, artificial grass provides a more consistent surface. With artificial grass, there doesn’t occur any variation in thickness. The surface remains smooth and doesn’t become uneven or bumpy.

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