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I think marketing this chair as a bean bag, even with words like “revolutionary” and “space-age” is a little off-putting to most consumers. It is hard to shake the thoughts of the bright plastic sacks filled with Styrofoam beads that littered classrooms, basements, and game rooms for so many years.

The Moonpod is a grown-up, modernized version that holds no resemblance to what most people think when they hear the words “bean bag chair.” The price is the first give away that this isn’t your traditional bean bag chair, and unless you are a savvy consumer willing to do some research, you might not get past the sticker shock.

In this Moonpod review, you will find an honest assessment of the pros and cons of the chair.


·         There is no denying the sleek design of the chair has a distinctively modern flair. If sleek and contemporary are your design style, the chair will blend in well with your décor.

·         Consumers can frequently find discounts on their purchases. The website always has some type of promotion running, including 25% your purchase or $100 off the price of the chair.

·         The chair gets high marks for comfort in most reviews. Even with negative reviews, the vast number of reviews admit the chair is more comfortable than you would expect from a bean bag chair.

·         You can buy the Crescent with the Moonpod to offer better back and neck support. The Crescent also makes the chair look more like a chair and less like a giant fabric lump.

·         Consumers can also purchase extra sleeves to help keep the Moonpod clean, as well as allowing you to change the color scheme to fit your décor.

·         There is no denying the versatility of the Moonpod. It can be moved from room to room to be used as additional seating, reading or lounging spot, or stored easily out of the way if you only want it for specific purposes.

·         The chair has good reviews for durability, unlike the bean bags of days past. Regular bean bag chairs always seemed to meet one of two ends. The beads either became so compressed that the chair was no longer comfortable or a seam would rip, resulting in a huge mess and the demise of the chair. The Moonpod seems to have solved these issues. The high-friction beads hold their shape, even through heavy use, and there are few reports of seams giving way.

·         The chair is appropriate for adults and children. Most chairs like this are designed for one or the other, but usually kids. While the Moonpod would work as a comfortable seating option in a child’s room, it is also grown-up friendly.

·         With many people choosing to downsize their homes, the chair is suitable for those with limited space. The Moonpod works well in dorm rooms, RV’s and small apartments.

·         Furniture that is ergonomically designed is gaining popularity. The ergonomic design of the Moonpod makes it suitable for lounging, reading or even working. Flexible work environments have proven benefits for creativity and productivity, so having this chair in an office might be an excellent solution to sitting behind a desk all day.


·         The Moonpod is not an economical solution for comfortable additional seating. It retails for the same price as a good quality side chair, and both the Crescent and the additional sleeves are additional costs.

·         Adults with mobility issues, or non-standard height or weight might find the chair more difficult to use.

·         The modern look and the limited color variety in the sleeves would not fit well with many types of décor.

·         The sleek marketing oversells what the Moonpod or any chair can really do. The chair is touted as “anti-gravity” and a “float chair.” Though users agree the chair is comfortable, it obviously has no anti-gravity effects. There is frustration among consumers because of the company’s claims that the chair mimics the effect of a float session. Those who have had a float session disagree. The chair is also touted to be great for anxiety, but there seems to be no research to back up these claims.

·         The sleeve is hard to get off and back on again, making changing the sleeves for cleaning or décor purposes difficult.

The Moonpod is only available for online purchases, making it impossible to see or sit in the chair before making a purchase.

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