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Bang Bang Bang has a funky vibe and a tremendous narrative that firmly puts it in the theme of folk and early narrative rap styles. The instrumental side of things leans well into the soul and R&B styles of the early 1970s; Ames’s vocals are able to hammer home a cogent narrative in the space of just a few minutes with this opening composition. The Liveness EP continues with a remix of All I Do Is Bleed’s I Want You. Ames shifts further back into the middle part of the 20th century with a laid-back vocal flow. The vocals are fascinating in that they jam in so much content, establishing a nice counterpoint to the comparatively slower and more chill guitar work that adorns the back of the track. Incorporating a second set of vocals adds a robustness and replay-ability to the track that will have fans coming back for more.

Just Before I Said I Do (Wedding Song) is a tender sand emotive composition that has both Patrick’s vocals and thoughtful compositions combine to make for something that will impact fans long after the composition concludes. The track showcases a sort of intensity that anyone that has fallen in love will understand.

Slow Dancing has a bit of Leonard Cohen and Lou Reed incorporated into it; by tracing these styles even further back to the lunge approach of the 1950s and 1960s, Ames is able to impart a timelessness to his Liveness EP.

We thought the original version of Want to Believe (from his Standard Candles album) was solid enough, but Patrick is able to bring the cut to the current day. This remix of his own song is cool, calm, and brings the bass to the fore. The retooled track is a perfect way to tie Ames’s past and present on this release.

Top Tracks: Want to Believe, Slow Dancing

Rating: 8.8/10

Patrick Ames – “Liveness” EP / 2020 Self / 6 Tracks / / SoundCloud /

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