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During Somebody, Aditi is able to refresh the singer-songwriter / pop style of the late 1990s and early 2000s. Heavenly vocals blend with emotive pianos to make for something that will resound loudly with listeners long after the song ceases to play. With additional musical layers bringing in a percussive clap track and strings, Somebody will undoubtedly keep its replay value high through the summer. A solid production allows each constituent element of Somebody to shine alone or as contributing to a greater whole. Anyone that has had someone they’ve loved truly and deeply will find a similar sentiment espoused during Somebody’s run time.

The song is able to keep fresh because of rising and falling sections. As one continues along with Somebody, they will encounter a more somber and realistic moment (at the 2 minute moment). it is during this midpoint that Aditi’s vocals move into an entirely higher plateau. More than just laying out the narrative side of things, Aditi’s vocals provide additional complexity to an already heady and fulfilling instrumentation. The final minute of Somebody brings hope back into the equation – that there is always someone that is waiting for the performer.

Even though the song presumably is about a loved one holding out hope, there’s no saying that one cannot recontextualize the effort to be about people around the world that still have your best interests at heart. We’re eagerly anticipating more music from Aditi’s neck of the woods. Listen to “Somebody” below and let us know what you think about the single.

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