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Galliano Sommavilla has crafted another album-length track in the aptly-named one song 2. The composition starts out in a very calm and collected fashion. A traditional (mid-century modern) piano line blurs the line between classical and new age music. There is a wonderful amount of emotion that is showcased through the first few minutes of the composition, as Galliano’s piano both establish the track’s overall melodies as well as lay out a coherent narrative. There are gradual shifts in the style and approach taken by Sommavilla as the song continues to play. Listeners will happen upon a very intricate and insistent section beginning at the six minute mark; the intensity and tempo of this piano arrangement even brings in hints of percussive elements as Galliano continues to gradually adopt different sounds. The considerable chaos that awaits fans at the 7:30 mark demarcates another segment to one song 2.

There seems to be a bit darker, more forlorn sort of sound that permeates one song 2 at around the thirteen-minute mark. For listeners that can strap on a pair of their headphones and hear each interaction that Sommavilla brings into the mix, it is beginning here where the song takes a shift to more challenging fare. Multiple plays may be necessary to hear everything that Sommavilla has secreted within here. Things begin to calm a bit during the sixteen-minute mark before moving into a pair of high-water marks at the 17:00 and 18:10 marks.

Where a great many tracks tend to lose a bit of steam after the halfway point, one song 2 is able to rise to a beautiful degree by the time the song hits twenty-five minutes. A considerably brighter, more angelic section touches fans at 34 minutes, while the final six minutes gradually slow things down to a muted conclusion.

We’ve covered Sommavilla in the past, with a feature, an interview, and a bit of in-depth coverage on one song,  an ethereal landscapeChill Me Now and 365 Volume 13.

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