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Kodi is one of the most widely- sought after media player software apps available in the market today. However, it is utterly useless without addons and skins that help you to customize your entertainment experience to your personal preferences. When it comes to entertainment, you have access to a wide range of media streaming content, namely movies, music, sports, news, documentaries, and more. When it comes to sports, most users often ask themselves a question- can the Kodi app replace Cable TV connections for live sports events?

An insight into Kodi and sports

When you are interested in watching live sports events with Kodi, you should be prepared to put in some effort for its set up.  This means you do not have to depend upon your cable connection all the time for watching your favorite live sporting events. However, before you switch to Kodi, you first need to install the app. The good news is this installation can be done on any device as Kodi is compatible with most operating systems, and in just a series of very simple steps, you can successfully install it on the device. Make sure that you install Kodi correctly and later search for Kodi addons that give you the sporting events that you are willing to watch. There is a popular addon for sports called Pluto TV that gives you access to live channels online for free. Plex, too has made an announcement that users can access it via Kodi without any premium subscription for free. However, if you do opt for a premium subscription, you can access the benefits of live TV with DVR functionalities.

Now is Kodi legal for you to use?

Kodi is 100% legal if you use it for managing and playing the media files that you own. This software is an open-source one, and it is safe to install on your device. The Kodi sports addons are located on its official repository- these addons are inside the Kodi app, and they are entirely legal for you to use. Kodi has a very rigid stance towards media content that is pirated. 

However, experts also say that Kodi is often used to illegally access content with copyrights via some third party Kodi addons that have been created by some external companies. For instance, there is one such company known as TV addons that host several unofficial Kodi supported apps, few of which give the user access to copyrighted media content streaming. Note that there are some users that might use Kodi for illicit tasks, but this does not mean that Kodi as a whole is illegal. The intent of the user is the one that makes the task accessed via Kodi, legal or illegal.

Kodi gives importance to legalities

If you carefully examine the homepage of Kodi, you will find that it prominently informs all its users that it does not offer them direct content, nor does the software platform condone the usage of pirated content media or illegal media streams on its software that are provided by the third party created addons. There is no discrimination between legal and illegal files; however, you will be legally liable for any unlawful content that you get. The legitimate use of the app is only for organizing collections of media that are DRM free or for playing DVDs. It also rivals the VLC player when it comes to the use of flexibility.

If you want to add any local media content to your own library, the process is very straightforward. You need to select the content type that is located on the menu to the left like music, movies, sports, etc. and choose the source files along with the kind of content that you want Kodi to search for you in the said folder. Make sure that when you are importing some types of content like music, you should rely on tags, so ensure that your library is organized well before you begin to import the content. If you are putting a disc in your device, it should also pop up on your menu.

Personalize the feel and the look of Kodi

One of the easiest ways for you to personalize Kodi is to change into a new skin. Kodi skins are located in the settings of the interface. The default skins are similar; however, one of them has been optimized for devices that have touch screens. These skins are always created by the open-source Kodi community. Note they are not just created by these developers and leftover. They have the support and are fully documented on the Kodi forums online.

Kodi adds for a personal feel

Another effective way for you to customize Kodi is to use Kodi addons that are again located in the menu on the left. When you check the browser, you will find that it categorizes these addon downloads by their functionality. For instance, you will get Kodi addons that are focused on changing the feel and the look of the interface of Kodi, and they might be paired with lyrics or sub-titles with all your content, or you can even add new features to the context menu on Kodi. Since you are fond of live sports or TV shows that focus on sports, you should search for addons that are sports-centric. Some of them are ranked online as the top or even the best add-ons. However, make sure you know what you are searching for in order to download the best addons for your sports viewing.

When you use Kodi, make sure you get hold of a good VPN that prevents ISPs from tracking your online activities. Like for instance, if you use a Windows device for Kodi, make sure that you install the best free VPN for windows. However, if you are using Kodi for just managing your local media content and library, you actually do not require a VPN. The VPN should always be run on your device, where you have installed Kodi. 

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