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S-Turns is the current seasonal from Maui Brewing Company (Maui, Hawaii). This hazy India Pale Ale pours with a light, goldenrod coloration and a goodly amount of white head. Lacing is little to non-existent in the glass. The brew possesses a good amount of alcohol bite that moderates some of the sweeter sides that tend to pop up with the hazy IPA variant. Maui has utilized an interesting blends of hops stretching out between Simcoe, El Dorado, and Huell Melon variants. What results with S-Turns is a brew that has considerable depth of flavor while maintaining a quenching, crushable quality. As the temperature continues to warm up throughout the spring months, S-Turns represents a solid upgrade to the typical drinking and mowing arsenal.

After cracking into a can, the brew is able to have a goodly amount of bitterness; fruitier esters come forth to collaborate nicely with grainy and wheat elements. As S-Turns continues to warm up, the brew is able to maintain cohesion and push through some interesting twists and turns before the effort concludes. This means that apricot and melon notes begin to grow just as some of the lupulin-dominant notes retreat to the background.

Visit our Coconut Porter, Doppelshot Doublebock, and Kihei Kolsch reviews for additional coverage of Maui’s beer offerings. Maui’s distribution blueprint has increased considerably in the last few years, stretching as fair to the DC/Maryland area as well as to countries including Canada, Japan, and the United Kingdom. Check out Maui’s website for additional information about the company’s full run of beers, while a visit to their social media is necessary for anyone wishing to locate updates about the brewery.

S-Turns is a rotating brew. Call your local beer store for availability.

Rating: 8.7/10

S-Turns (Maui Brewing Company) / 6.4% ABV / 50 IBUs / Hazy India Pale Ale / /

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