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Spending too much time indoors, commuting to work, waiting for an appointment or at the airport can eventually lead to boredom. Luckily for us, mobile devices are always within reach to provide us with quality and free entertainment. An Internet connection is all that is needed to enjoy the finest games available on smartphones and tablets. In fact, there are plenty of casual free mobile games that can be enjoyed without an Internet connection, as long as you download them in advance. Choosing the right form of entertainment can act as a ward against boredom, so a little research goes a long way.

Don’t pay for casual mobile games

A quick glance at the portfolio of casual games available on Google and Apple app stores will leave you breathless. There are hundreds of games to consider, covering all popular genres and the overwhelming majority can be downloaded for free. Card games, puzzles, creative games and many inspired by classic video games are just one click away. Developers offer them for free and count on advertisements to make money, as well as the in-game micro-transactions.

If you grew up playing video games on computers and consoles, you can consider yourself lucky. That’s because the latest smartphones and tablets are powerful enough to run even the most demanding games smoothly. There are many games that replicate popular genres, such as first-person shooters, multiplayer online battle arena games and role-playing video games. They look and feel authentic even on the smaller displays of handheld gadgets and online, they can pit players against their peers in competitive games.

Social networks are also a good source for casual mobile games and these can also be enjoyed for free, straight in the browser. Registering an account with the social network is usually needed, but this is the only thing expected from prospective players. Some games are played using credits, which are provided by the network and replenished indefinitely, so the fun never ends.

Online bingo games for casual players

Online bingo sites are the main suppliers of casual games that can be enjoyed on the go by iOS and Android smartphone users. They are offered to members for free in demo format, so prospective players can try the first on virtual currency. Setting up an account is the only requirement to access the entire portfolio and try the games on play money and you can find a 2020 list here. Punters only make virtual money, but as long as they are in for the thrills of the game rather than profit, this is perfectly fine.

Real money casino and bingo games can only be played by those who have a funded account and an Internet connection. Since the stakes are sensible and range from insignificant amounts to large bets, anyone can enjoy these games casually. For many people, low stakes games are perfect to experience the thrills of casino games without risking money. When boredom sets in, this form of entertainment can be an excellent answer.

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