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Scientists and doctors have been working day and night to find the vaccine for coronavirus and till date we don’t even have exact medicine for Coronavirus. Some doctors are advising anti malaria drug Hydroxychloroquine or anti-HIV medicines to cure coronavirus. But all these are not exact medicines to cure coronavirus.

Two days back, a team of marijuana researchers found in a study that Marijuan may help in fighting Coronavirus. The weed or marijuana may give a boost in immunity which will further save humans from corona. Let us know more which buy weed online is good to be used and why.

The Scientists have looked at existing drug candidates, such as remdesivir, which was actually developed to treat Ebola. In Germany, the first clinical trials are taking place for a coronavirus vaccine based on a candidate developed for cancer patients. According to a study in France suggests that nicotine, typically ingested via the often-lethal pastime of smoking, may protect us from the novel coronavirus. Nicotine itself is a potentially fatal lung infection.

Now, some preliminary research is coming out of Canada which suggests that some of the medical strains of the psychoactive drug cannabis may also increase resistance to the coronavirus. If the study gets verified, it would appear that cannabis works in a similar way to nicotine.

Medical Marijuanas

Some people in the science community say medicinal marijuana may help to treat a range of conditions from nausea to dementia. But medicinal marijuana is not the same as what you might call recreational cannabis. The cannabis which are common or garden varieties of cannabis or the street cannabis are mainly known for their Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content in the strains. That’s the main psychoactive agent in the drug.

The researchers based in Alberta have focused on strains of the cannabis, sativa Cannabis which are high in an anti inflammatory CDB, CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the other main chemicals in cannabis, aside from Tetrahydrocannabinol THC.

The researchers have developed over 800 new medical Cannabis sativa variants, with high levels of CBD and only 13 strains are shortlisted which they say modulate ACE2 levels in those humans gateways.

Some researchers recently in the UK say that may be because there are some misconceptions among the general public and the politicians about medicinal cannabis, perhaps even a fear that humans will become more addicted or will try to self-medicate, using just any old form of cannabis they can find. Those researchers in the UK say themselves that it is vital to be clear about the information and to avoid sensationalism.

Why Medical Marijuanas

Preprints is a site where scientists can publish non-peer-reviewed results. In one of the research papers on Preprints, researchers mentioned that the specially developed strains of medical cannabis effectively stop the virus from entering the human body. 

The deadly coronavirus needs a receptor to enter any human body. That receptor in the human body is known as an angiotensin converting enzyme II aka ACE2. ACE2 is found in lung tissue of the human body or in oral and nasal mucus or in the kidneys, testes, and gastrointestinal tracts, according to the Preprint paper. And the theory behind using medical marijuana to save someone from coronavirus is that by modulating ACE2 levels in those gateways or the receptors to the human body, it may be possible to lower our vulnerability or susceptibility to receive the virus. So basically it could reduce the risk of infection. Kovalchuck says in his research that if there are no ACE2 tissues in the body, the virus wont hit anyone. Some scientists have suggested using medical marijuana in the form of edibles instead of smoking it for better health results.


Medical Marijuana Researchers are still working on this study and they are reviewing the findings in the research for confirmed news. This is still not proved that using medical marijuana can save someone from coronavirus as lab tests are done only on the tissues. Now the researchers are trying it living humans and once the testing is successful then only it can be claimed that using medical cannabis can save someone from coronavirus.

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