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Given Everything is a hopeful track that has Linker blend together early-1990s Tom Petty with mid-1990s alternative. Multiple instrumental layers unite to make for a complex backdrop. Subsequent listens are essential for listeners to hear each and every dynamic that is included within. The hopeful vocals laid won here by Mitch has just a tinge of melancholy playing at the periphery. A secondary vocal layer adds further depth to his voice. After starting off the I’ll Take My Chances EP without with this epic single, Mitch moves into a bold new direction with Perfect.

Perfect has Linker adopt a mid-to-late 1970s ballad approach. Little more is needed during the cut’s first fifteen seconds than a piano and Linker’s voice. While other elements – a strumming guitar, a bit of drums – are brought into the mix shortly after, the same close-knit and touching approach is continued through the body of Perfect. The song could easily make it onto any radio station’s playlists alongside Chicago and Boston. Thee luxurious keys that match Mitch’s lyrics towards the single’s second half are truly a site to behold.

I Will keeps fans in a the slower, more contemplative mode laid down by the first half of Perfect. The keys are beautiful here and for me, provide further narrative elements to the story that Linker presents here. A palette cleanser for the titular track on the EP, I Will will resound loudly in listeners’ minds long after the song ceases to play.

I’ll Take My Chances begins insistently with catchy guitar lines, booming drum lines, and a flair for the theatrical. Linker’s ability to constantly shift the sound and approach adopted during any part of this song makes for an emphatic end to the I’ll Take My Chances EP.

Top Tracks: Given Everything, I’ll Take My Chances

Rating: 8.1/10

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