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Box Food begins Specyal T’s new LP, A Specyal Remedy. The track is able to effortlessly straddle the line between R&B and funk, blending thick bassy lines with ever so cool jazz keys. This initial track expands upon the tradition of performers like Angie Stone and Sade while sounding fresh and current. Yorkshire Pudding is a sultry and sexy effort that succeeds due to Specyal T’s vox and a bit of bossa nova-styled backing drop that plays in the track’s background. The production of A Specyal Remedy allows for both the vocals and the instrumentation to shine brightly as solitary efforts as well as a collaborative entity.

Even Tho slows things down and inserts a seriously infectious groove. The single’s chorus will bury itself deep into listeners’ minds , offset ever so nicely through a laid back guitar riff.

I’m Good has a bit of the torch song / early blues singer style in its opening. The piano that starts the track gradually opens up into big, thick bass lines and quite a bit of raw passion coming from Specyal T’s voice.

Peanut Butta Jealous is a track that could easily garner rotation on R&B rotation. Hitting up the titular phrase at all the right times, Specyal T ensures that the song will be on listeners’ minds long after the song ceases to play. Remind Me is the concluding statement on A Specyal Remedy; the track is able to keep things fresh and fun with the adoption of a bit of Weeknd-style production and even hints of EDM in the single’s sweeping synths and vocal samples. Taken together, the efforts on A Specyal Remedy cover a considerable amount of ground. Specyal T has the skilled hand to ensure that the songs coalesce into something cohesive.

Top Tracks: Yorkshire Pudding, Peanut Butta Jealous (featuring Jayde Wisdom)

Rating: 8.5/10

We covered Specyal T’s Tionne EP back in 2017.

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