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Specyal T - Tionne EP

The last time that we covered Ontario’s own Specyal T, it was 2016. Over the course of the next two years, Specyal T has made considerably strides forward in the evolution of her own music. The Tionne EP has tremendous emotional content to it, and the EP’s first single, Side Effects, immediately catches long-time listeners up. The echoing, booming sound of the chorus will ensure that listeners are firmly on the edges of their seats. The blending of performers like Danny Brown and Tyler The Creator makes for an interesting introduction to this EP. The electronic sound of the EP’s second track, Superwoman Tendencies, both continues with some of the trends first heard during Side Effects while spinning the composition out in a bold new way.

I feel that this track adopts more of the synth-pop from the 1980s while having a bit of a martial drum line to provide a constant that continues through to the mid-point of the Tionne EP, 2 AM. 2 AM is a hard-hitting effort. The drums match well with Specyal T’s flow, boosting the momentum considerably and keeping fans focused in to the final few tracks of the release.

Forever And A Day and Scar Tissue close up shop on the Tionne EP, representing two distinctly different sides of Specyal T. The more traditional rap flow of Forever And A Day seems to be more focused in reality, while there is more atmospheric and haunting sound that is presented during Scar Tissue. Taken together, these five efforts are integral to understanding the overall influences and biography for Specyal T. The Tionne EP is available from DSPs like iTunes; visit Specyal T’s SoundCloud for samples of the songs from this extended play.

Top Tracks: Side Effects, Forever And A Day

Rating: 8.8/10

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