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There is simply no denying the fact that dating is intimidating, this is especially true for first dates. That being said, it doesn’t matter if you have dated 100 times in the past or this is just your third or fourth, there is always going to be some hesitation and awkwardness. This is because most of the time, most people just end up worrying about the wrong things. You might be worried that your jokes aren’t funny enough. You might be worried that you’re having a bad hair day. You might be worried because you feel like such a wreck. Regardless of the situation, what you’ve got going on, or what you’ve been through in the past, you can be a champion dater. All it takes is a few tips and tricks.

Do Something You’d Enjoy Regardless

Do you know what the best way to have fun is? By doing something that you enjoy or by trying something new that you’ve always wanted to try. And, this is how you should try to schedule your dates. Don’t worry about what the other individual wants to do. Do something you’d want to do whether or not the individual was with you. If there’s a movie you’ve been wanting to see, go see. Got a new restaurant that you’ve been wanting to try? Go try it! You’ll be an all-around better individual when you are having fun.

Engage With Your Body

One of the most dreadful or awkward things about dating is silent moments. It can be hard to fill an entire date with conversation and questions, especially if this is like your third or fourth date. You’ve likely already covered all the formalities and small talk. This is why you should just scrap the idea of coming up with several hours of conversation. Instead, use your body to engage your date by going for a walk, bowling, or playing pool. Even watching a bukkake party together online is a good way to eliminate the pressure of trying to keep up a nonstop conversation. Plus, there will be plenty of changes for some good-natured competition flirting and teasing.

Roll With The Punches

It doesn’t matter how prepared you are or how many precautions you take, there are just too many things that can go wrong on a date. The waiter can be snotty, the chicken can be rubbery, and you might get stuck right by the bathroom. Sure, all of these things suck, but you don’t need to let them suck the life out of you and your date as well. Look at this as an opportunity to show your date that you can roll with the punches and be fun in any situation.

Ask The Question They’ll Want To Answer

What do you ask when you already know what your date does for a living? What do you ask when you already know where they live? This is when you need to turn to the open-ended questions. The ones that they’d most likely love to answer. For instance, why made you decide to become a cop? What brought you to the great state of Chicago? These are the questions that you’ll want to go for.

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