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Knowing how to beat the heat is imperative, no matter when your summer months fall in the year. Being prepared before summer means you will already be able to stay cool and comfortable, but if you are looking for fast ways to cool off in the midst of a heatwave, you need fast solutions as well. This guide will help you understand all of your options, so pick the ones that work best for your home:

Check and Maintain Your Air Conditioner Throughout the Season

The best time to make air conditioning repairs is before the summer heat begins to set in. If you are already facing a heatwave, then don’t dally a moment longer and book a repair slot ASAP. Even if the heat breaks before you can get an appointment, another heatwave is sure to be on its way at one point or another.

If your air conditioning works, it is still a good idea to check in on it regularly and get it maintained by a professional at least once before summer. Maintenance is just as important as booking that repair, but far too few of us invest the time and money into it.

Make Use of the Wind

Our ancestors have been battling the heat for centuries and came up with a few nifty tricks to keep a home cool even without the modern invention of an air conditioning unit. A lattice wall, for example, placed just in front of a doorway, or your backyard, will narrow wind through its gaps and blow cool air into your home.

This can be done on windows as well if you install a specially designed shutter that allows you to make better use of the wind flowing into your home than just opening a window.

Get the Sun Off of Your Roof

There are so many different reasons to try to keep the sun off your roof. If your home has asphalt shingles, the sun can actually start to break them down as they bake in its heat, and wear down your roof much faster than otherwise.

Then, of course, there is the heating aspect. A roof that is in direct line with the sun is cooking, regardless of whether you have black asphalt shingles or smooth flat white rooves over your head.

By planting a tree overhead, or using other means like awnings over a flat roof, you can cut back on the amount of heat directly hitting your roof and warming your home.

Cool Down with Water

There are a few ways you can keep cool with water. If you can set it up, put a spray of water in front of a fan outside so that you can enjoy a cool breeze that is sure to beat the heat. A kiddie pool is also another way to stay cool while still enjoying the outdoors.

However, in order to beat the heat, you also need to think about yourself. You need to stay hydrated, so if you have to set an alarm if you need reminders to drink. During a heatwave, this can even be a matter of life or death.

The option that works for you will depend on your home, your means, and the physical space you need to work with. Stick within your budget and have more than one choice at the ready so you can stay cool and healthy during the next heatwave.

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