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Starting your own business could prove to be truly thrilling. Startups cannot achieve success overnight. Success comes after years of dedication and hard work. Chalking out marketing strategies and promotion campaigns for startups could be very challenging due to budgetary constraints. Thanks to the tight budget and limited resources in terms of time, money, and even talent. All marketing efforts must be planned meticulously well in advance and executed flawlessly. The real problem is that conventional marketing stratagems often fail to work.

Startup marketing is regarded as an entirely different science. The underlying secret is that you need to integrate seamlessly some channels namely PR and Content Marketing.  As per, most entrepreneurs need to do a lot of multi-tasking. EJ Dalius says that often startup owners would need to follow diverse marketing stratagems and get involved in multiple tasks such as executing marketing stratagems to effectively building products, or emailing, shipping materials or updating websites, etc. and the list of responsibilities is endless.

Choosing the Right Market Is the Way to Go Says Eric Dalius

It is quite natural and convenient for startup owners to assume that everybody will love and welcome their services or products. Unfortunately, in reality, just a fraction of the entire population would be willing to try your product. The key to success here is to focus on identifying a niche market to target and dedicate your time and energy to aggressively boosting the market share. How to choose a market? Here are four main factors to keep in mind:

Market Wealth: Does the market have enough money to buy your product?

Market Size: Who are you targeting? Children? Male? A regional demographic? You need to find out precisely how many potential clients are there in your specific target market.

Value Proposition: Do you think that your value proposition is adequately unique to stand out from the rest?

Market Competition: Do you think that the market is actually saturated? Does it offer too many competitors?


Eric J Dalius thinks that the most effective method of marketing is avoiding marketing and creating a system where customers would be marketing your product on your behalf. People are generally 4x more interested in purchasing a product in the case, it has been recommended by a friend. People rely more on personal recommendations. Setting up a referral program would not be that expensive and in some cases could come free.

News Features & Press Releases

People are used to reading news and if you provide something newsworthy, it would be reported by most news outlets. Press releases are a great way of getting your startup or brand exposed in major publications. 

Groups & Forums

It is a great idea to do active networking. Be a part of social media groups and public forums. Use a local event for promoting your startup. Be more interactive, as far as, communities are concerned. You stand to gain from these groups and forums. Often membership to all these groups and forums is mostly free and you could enjoy a host of amazing benefits.


You need to define your concept of success in terms of your startup. You must consider defining it early enough and define it rigidly. Your entire team must know the exact definition of your success. They must be motivated and dedicated to work towards achieving it.

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