Posted on: September 24, 2020 Posted by: James McQuiston Comments: 0

We have had a wine, liquor, beer, and spirits review page at NeuFutur for over a decade. It has been great to expand our horizons through so many different varietals of wine over the years. Whether it was made from grapes from Australia, like Verwood Estate Wines, or California, some of the best times we have had as a magazine has been tipping back a glass of something viney. One of our go-to wineries for solid product at a good price has to be Naked Winery; if you are a fan of zinfandels and Rieslings, their has a number of distinct offerings that will do well to combat the bit of a fall chill that we have been encountering here in Arkansas this September.

The one thing we have not had great luck in in the past has been glassware for the wines and spirits that we pour. When a company sends over a care package, they have traditionally included a piece of glassware. Unfortunately, we have had more than one experience where the glassware has dropped down at our offices completely shattered. The other problem is that many breweries and wineries tend to purchase the cheapest glassware (this means no Riedels), which have broken seemingly when a stiff breeze hits them. We have had to purchase our own glassware for tastings to avoid some of these pitfalls (learn more).

As you may know, we started up a Youtube side of NeuFutur Magazine. The one thing that we have wanted to incorporate in 2020 and beyond has been drone photography. It’d be amazing to do a restaurant review and have an opening shot of the front facade of a building, for example. While we have not moved forward with this (as of yet), Omniviewtech may just be where we ultimately purchase our drone from when we decide to go down that route.

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