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Many of the businesses and clients that we work with have chosen to use services like PayPal or Skrill for their payments to us. NeuFutur has always thought about taking payments directly, but have always been concerned that someone that has a lot of knowledge in the field would hookwink us into a service that we would gain much benefit from. A service like seems to be one that would decrease the chance of individuals calling back their payments if they are not happy with the terms that we have given them. It’s always difficult to ruin promotions and other sorts of packages on a service like ours, because clients come to the plate thinking that there will be massive and immediate effects from them. If we had the sort of protection that Paay offers, we may have been able to institute some other positive (and pricey) changes to the magazine over the course of the last decade.

Long-time readers of NeuFutur may recall that we’ve flirted with a pet section over the years. It’s one of those avenues that we explored and never put our full focus into, so the articles about pets and dogs have slowed to a trickle. One of the things we’ve found lately rthat has done a ton of work for us has been the deshedding brush. Murray, our Siamese cat mascot, has a ton of fur that regularly needs to be removed. This is particularly onerous during the early spring when he begins to shed his winter coat. I can only think about how much fur we would have to remove from him if we lived up north. Akron itself was fairly cold, but what if we shifted bases up to the Great White North? Beyond looking for psw jobs toronto, we’d have to remove about five pounds of hair from our kitty each year!

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