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There are a ton of benefits and barely any downsides to being physically active and regularly enjoying any type of fitness activity. Of course, just as ignoring physical activity can be detrimental to your well being, overdoing it can also harm you, which is why athletes often run into different types of problems. However, the vast majority of us is on the other end of the spectrum where we’re barely doing any workouts or exercise. If you follow simple guidelines, just a couple of hours of exercising on a weekly basis can do wonders for your health. With so much information going around on the internet and so many fitness instructors trying to grab your attention, you’re probably already aware of numerous upsides to physical exercise. But even then, there are many more you might not be familiar with.

For starters, did you know that sitting is the new smoking? Sitting, especially for longer periods of time, is one of the worst things you can do for your body. From issues with bones and muscles to harming your cardiovascular system and more, you should definitely cut your sitting time, or at least stand and walk around now and then. Then, current evidence and research suggest that the only way to prevent IQ from degrading over time, or to at least drastically slow the process down, is through physical exercise. Now, there’s no need to talk much more on the topic as there’s plenty to be found all over the web. The point is that, even though the majority of people are aware of how good being fit is, and how it sucks to be completely inactive, they still don’t do anything about it. All it takes is making a break short while playing JerkDolls sex games everything and then, and doing a couple of minutes of exercise.

Of course, the main reason as to why people don’t work out is that it requires effort. We live in an era of quick pleasures. Everything is easily accessible and we can get it without much effort. However, getting in shape to look good, and improve your health and confidence takes time and work. Going to a gym for a week or two, or a couple of months just doesn’t cut it. You need to make fitness a part of your life and stick with it. As intimidating as that sounds, it’s actually a rather simple concept. All you need to do is find something you like and then create a habit out of it. Humans are creatures of habit. Even playing hot extreme porn games can become a habit, though often much faster because it immediately offers immense pleasure. Workout, on the other hand, takes time to show results. You need to prepare yourself for slow progress, but one that ends up being much more satisfying in the end. And once you realize how exercise makes you feel good, both physically and mentally, you won’t stop again.

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