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Better Off starts off with alluring keys and a bit of brooding synths. When BankrollShell’s vocals begin, the song is able to take an entirely different vibe. The song could easily make its way onto rap or R&B rotation. The production ensures that both the lyrical and musical sides of things are able to shine on their own as well as contributing to a greater whole. BankrollShell is able to throw down some rapid-fire lines all while imbuing the entirety of Better Off with a charisma that is hard to deny. The harmony that he is able to link to the backing beat is impressive as well; there’s a cohesiveness to this composition that few artists are able to generate. The ability to switch up styles and even time signatures with this single further hammer home how earth-shaking BankrollShell’s latest single is when compared to other tracks currently garnering airplay.

Rock Out showcases a different side to BankrollShell. The hooky beginning to the track immediately ensures that fans are focused in to the song from the onset. BankrollShell’s high-energy flow this time out provide the perfect counterpoint for the more grounded backing beat. The uniting element here has to be the booming bass beat that punctuates the track. What may be the most surprising thing on Rock Out is how much the song packs into a space of less than three minutes. Riding out with the guitar / drum beat during the cut’s last twenty seconds, BankrollShell has ensured that Rock Out’s melody will be permanently tattooed in the minds and hearts of listeners.

Taken together, Better Off and Rock Out will provide fans with a good introduction into BankrollShell. We’re excited to hear more from the performer in the months and years to come.

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