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ADITI’s Glass is a hopeful sort of track. The pianos and drums that start off ADITI’s latest will draw listeners in, while the passion and charisma that goes into each and every lyric here ensures that one will stick around until the track’s final few moments. During Glass’s run time, there are nods to pop institutions like Billy Joel and Elton John. The song is infused with ADITI’s unique take on music. While the track could easily make it onto alternative and pop stations, there are thoughtful arrangements that are extremely resilient to multiple plays. With other nuances present that range the gamut from 1990s college rock to alt-rock, practically anyone that will happen upon Glass will be able to find something that they can appreciate.

The production of Glass allows each element to shine alone or as part of the greater whole. This means that one can strap on their favorite pair of headphones and hear each rising or falling of ADITI’s voice and take it as its own unit, or hear the dynamic that’s established among the varied piece of the song’s instrumentation. Rather than feeling separate, these constituent elements have a tremendously easy time working with one another to make for a cogent and coherent sound. Each instrument, each lyric, and each note builds to something glorious on Glass.

Check out the Spotify link for Glass and let us know what you think. Interested readers can jump in more deeply to ADITI’s discography at the normal DSPs as well as locate some fascinating information and news at the performer’s Facebook and Instagram profiles. We’re excited to hear more from ADITI in the months and years to come.

We’ve previously covered ADITI’s Alien and Somebody in NeuFutur Magazine

Rating: 8.8/10

ADITI – Glass / 2020 Self Released / 2:44 / Domain / Facebook / ReverbNation /

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