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Reading can feel like a chore if you try to force it into your schedule.  We all know books are portals to different worlds or deep resources to educate us on the things that matter: but many of us can’t remember the last time we read something longer than listings for Calgary homes for sale.  Books are incredibly enriching and one of the best forms of entertainment out there, so it’s vital that we get back into reading.  Instead of avoiding bookstores out of shame, here are the top ways to get you back into books!

Reread A Favorite From When You Were Younger

Sometimes what stops us from enjoying reading is that we forgot why we liked it in the first place.  Think of what books you wanted to read as a kid, and consider why they caught your attention.  Did you love reading the Goosebumps series as a kid?  Or was Nancy Drew more your speed?  It might feel uncomfortable at first to pick up kids’ books and read them, but this act may be all it takes to inspire that love for literature again!

Pick Up A Book A Favorite Show Or Movie Is Based On

Over half of the most popular movies in the last twenty years were based on books.  If you haven’t read the source material but love the film or television show, now’s your chance to read it!  Although you should remember that no screenplay is a perfect match for the novel, it can be fun to view the characters and events differently.  This step back from the screen can be a much-welcomed break that may inspire you to read even more.

Find Books That Fit Your Current Hobbies

Do you love to cook but want to get better?  There’s a book for that.  Are you trying to get into gardening?  There’s a book for that.  Before people could watch how-tos on YouTube, books were the best way to gather information.  You can read about anything, from flyfishing to chess, and enjoy learning more about your hobby while enriching your life with knowledge.

The best part about most hobby books is that you can almost always find a cheap second-hand version that’s not too beat up.  This plan makes reading less expensive than racing out and getting the newest and hottest books!

Don’t Fear Joining A Local Book Club.

The public image of book clubs is far from pleasant.  In most movies and television, book clubs are portrayed as some sad gathering where many bored women drink wine and gossip about their lives.  This just isn’t the case!  There are so many incredible small book clubs in every city out there, and if you’re socially awkward, there are even tons of book clubs online!

Reading as social behavior is a fantastic way to ease you back into the hobby.  Not only are the books picked out for you ahead of time, but you also have a time limit to read them and a reason to think deeply about them.

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