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2020 was a brutal year for many industries, but the pandemic didn’t affect the bingo market too much. In fact, the online industry is thriving and the number of new players continues to follow an upwards trajectory that started a few years ago. Looking at the data, it looks like 2021 is going to be the best year yet, mainly because of the influx of young new players. As the demographics are shifting, so are the fortunes of online bingo and the future looks bright for 2021 and the years to come.

Which is the catalyst of online bingo growth?

Bingo itself is a very popular game and not surprisingly, there are plenty of people who enjoy playing it in brick-and-mortar locations and online. Those who have made the transition to online gambling are unlikely to go back even when the negative effects of the pandemics will subside. That’s because they have discovered the advantages of playing from home, in a more convenient manner and enjoying unique perks. These include free bingo games, bonuses and other incentives offered by bingo rooms.

The land-based bingo industry is slowly shrinking, as some elder people are no longer visiting brick-and-mortar locations. On the bright side, the number of new players who choose the online arena is much higher, so overall the balance is not only preserved but also improved. More young people play bingo online than ever before and every year new ones choose this form of entertainment. In the UK alone, there are millions of people who casually play bingo and this number has been constantly growing.

Online bingo crosses into 10 digit territory

A decade ago, the bingo market was less than $100 million and since then it grew more than 10 times. It shows no sign of slowing down and the number of bingo operators listed on Bingo Sites is also increasing at a rapid pace. The bonuses offered to new players, as well as the many incentives awarded to those who already have an account have contributed to its growing popularity. Add to this the fact that the online bingo community is friendly and makes newcomers feel welcome and there’s another reason for its growth.

As the market grows at a steady pace, so does the interest of online bingo operators to provide players with the ultimate gaming environment. The latest technologies are being used to keep members safe and protect them from the insidious threat posed by cyber criminals. It is particularly important that players are allowed to try any game for free indefinitely and virtual currency is replenished often. In theory, players can stick to virtual money for as long as they like and enjoy bingo as a pastime activity.

New technologies are also helping bingo operators provide better games to mobile users. 5G is already available and as it gets better coverage worldwide, players can enjoy a more exciting bingo session on smartphones and tablets. Things are only going to get better in the future and as soon as 2021, bingo fans should notice major improvements.

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