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Although parents may not want to think of it, kids, especially teenagers, start drinking alcohol in high school—way before being legally allowed to do so. Sadly, drinking and driving has been around since the first vehicles were manufactured. 

Drinking and driving continue to plague all states in the US, with many fatalities being recorded on a yearly basis. The sad thing about this is that about 60% of all drunk and driving fatalities in the USA have to do with teenagers.

It’s no secret that talking to your teenage kid about drinking and driving can be a daunting task. This is because they don’t know the cost of a drunk driving conviction. After all, this is not a simple conversation that you can decide to talk to your kids about. Although it touches on more severe matters such as death, there are ways you should approach the topic. 

Drunk driving in teenagers is always a result of peer pressure. Therefore, talking to them can be an uphill task. Even so, parents are the key to ensuring that teenage drivers remain safe on the roads always. Here are ways to ensure that your teenager doesn’t drink and drive:

Establish a Relationship

Once your teenage kid turns 16, the chances are high that you will either buy or in some way allow access for them to use a car with a look at the best id websites. After all, your child may be going to college, and they are of legal age to drive. 

However, before presenting your kid with the car keys, you should, first of all, have a conversation about drinking and driving. As with all teenage conversations, conversations about drinking and driving should start as early as possible and should take place as often as possible. Explain to your teenager that you are talking out of love and make it possible for your child to communicate to you freely about any issues. 

Keep Your Communication Open

One of the most important ways of dealing with teenagers is to keep open communication. Whenever you are in a position where your child feels free and confident to talk to you about issues, your chances of advancing your child appropriately on matters to do with drinking and driving are high. Remember that drinking and driving is almost always a result of peer pressure. Therefore, having open communication will go a long way in ensuring that your child remains safe. 

Be a Role Model to Your Kids

It’s quite difficult for your child to avoid drinking and driving if you are doing so yourself. As a parent, it’s always important to lead by example. Be a good role model for your teenage kid. At the same time, you should be open and sincere to your teenage kids about all your intentions. By being a positive role model, you will be better positioned to better explain to your kids the dangers of drunk driving. 

Help Your Kids Avoid Peer Pressure

Using drugs, driving under the influence of alcohol, and all the other bad decisions affecting teenagers have one thing in common: they often result from peer pressure. Therefore, it’s important to follow the above steps to keep your teenagers away from drinking and driving. 

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