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Las Vegas is a gamut of scintillating casinos, exuberant nightlife and fascinating beer pubs. A trip to Sin City is an expensive affair and on top of that if you are looking for places to down yourself with pints of beer, then make yourself at home with these top 5 affordable beer pubs in downtown Las Vegas

Filament at the Fremont

Downtown, you can take a tour to Fremont Street. Fremont Street provides you with options of cheap drinking spots. You will find different alcoholic bars to indulge in. But the one bar that stands out from the rest is the Filament at the Fremont. And why may you ask? Because it serves a glass of Heinekens at just $3! That is the cheapest option available in the whole of downtown. You will also be mesmerised by their unique collection of speciality cocktails and that fantastic pina colada which will leave a lingering aftertaste in your mouths.

Beauty Bar, Fremont East

Just take a turn to Fremont East and you will see yourself standing in front of the Beauty Bar. Just as the name suggests, the bar entices the visitors with their amazing collection of alcoholic beverages along with a manicure station to immerse yourself in nail art. Get your nails done while jamming to the sessions of live indie music as this New York-style inspired bar thrives in the local indie music scene and gives the spotlight to young, upcoming talented musicians across town. Be prepared to have a gala time at Beauty Bar and navigate your way through to one of the live indie performances.

Frankie’s Tiki Room

If you want to get drunk till your senses are knocked down, then Frankie’s Tiki Room is the place to be. You are definitely going to wake up with a massive hangover as the Tiki Room makes sure to get you intoxicated with the best of drinks available here. Its mission is to get you drunk with four pints of alcohol in just one shot glass. This may sound like a nearly impossible challenge but for Frankie, it is all about having a good time. He would beam a smile on his face and encourage his visitors to drink to their heart’s content to toss their worries out of the system. Tiki Room is the place to create drunken memories and stories so that you can share them with your friends and loved ones. 

Ellis Island

Can you play a riveting roulette match and slurp on the fine range of cocktails at the same time? Ellis Island allows you to exactly do that. Along with being a raging alcoholic bar, there is a casino that attracts tourists and players across the street. But now, thanks to the boon of the online casino, people have lessened their visits to the conventional casino establishments. Moreover, if you are a singer at heart, then Ellis has a karaoke bar to get you serenading to all the major hits. Just dig into their signature drinks and vibe to the memorable and eternal classics, reminiscing to the good old times.

Atomic Liquors

What makes one of the oldest bars like Atomic Liquors so popular among the tourists and locals? Well, for starters you get glasses of beer at $20. But more than that, it has blended itself very well with the young demographics. The ambience is refreshing and vigorous as the young people go gaga over the electrifying and feet-thumping music played in the background. For the oldies, there is an outdoor space where they can relax and have fun conversations with their loved ones. Go unwind yourself with their fascinating variety of beer and strike conversations with like-minded people of your niche.

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