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The world has changed drastically ever since the pandemic started in early 2020. And while we now have hope thanks to recent medical research, the signs show that we’re still far away from most governments accepting to open up society yet again.

Until then, many of us find comfort within the confines of the online world. Bettors are no exception, as they have flocked to the online gambling scene in large numbers ever since the beginning of 2020. And sports betting fans have seen the true potential of virtual sports in this context. Let’s explore.

What Are Virtual Sports?

Unlike what many people might think, virtual sports aren’t comprised of the FIFA or NFL games from Electronic Arts. They’re in fact fairly different beasts, as virtual sports are more focused on the iGaming crowd rather than the gaming one.

In short, virtual sports are meant to complement real sports or even replace them in case of a pandemic, as we have seen in the now-infamous year of 2020. Thanks to virtual football betting software, bettors were able to witness simulations of matches between their favorite teams and bet on the result.

It may not be like the real thing, but it comes with its own set of advantages. For instance, you can skip over the matches completely and go straight to the results page if you’re only interested in the betting aspect. You can also replay matches to see all the highlights or even the subtle moments that you might have missed.

Another great aspect regarding virtual sports is the fact that you can create your own fantasy team comprised of real players from different real-world teams. Based on their complete real-world stats, the AI determines which team wins.

What Virtual Sports Can You Play Right Now?

At the moment, there are numerous betting platforms right now that offer a plethora of virtual sports. All your favorites from football, soccer, basketball, and even car racing. There’s really a lot you can choose from, so even if another lockdown occurs in your favorite sporting teams’ countries, you can still enjoy their finesse and professionalism in the field in the virtual world.

Will Virtual Sports Replace the Real Thing?

We don’t know what might happen in 100 years, but for the foreseeable future it is not possible for virtual sports to replace the real thing. The fact of the matter is that as much as we love using virtual sports when we can’t bet on real ones, the two cannot exist without one another.

Seeing real players on the field is much more compelling than watching a few pixels on the screen. Not to mention the fact that virtual players are based on real life counterparts.

Final Thoughts

Have you ever placed a bet on a virtual sport? Or has the thought of this thing ever crossed your mind? Whatever the case may be, even if you’re not a bettor, you can still admire how much virtual sports have managed to shift the landscape of the betting market.

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