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Are you putting together your first-ever at-home tool kit? Maybe you already have a few items collected but it’s not exactly a complete kit. Being able to tackle DIY jobs around the house requires some staple tools that you need on-hand at all times. This is exactly why a home tool kit can come in so handy. So, let’s go ahead and walk through six essential items you will want to put in your home tool kit.

A Good Set of Screwdrivers

One of the most important items for your home toolkit is a good set of quality screwdrivers. This will end up being one of the most-used items in your kit, from small to big jobs.

You Can’t Have a Kit without a Hammer

The fact is that no home toolkit is complete without a hammer. Again, it’s very much reached for and serves an important purpose. You can’t just substitute it with another tool either, so be sure to find a hammer that is comfortable in your hand and built solidly.

A Tape Measure and Level

Tape measures and levels are handy whenever you’re building items, but they are even essential for such projects as hanging wall art, purchasing new furniture and making sure it fits the available space, changing the layout in a room, and so forth. Again, both of these items are absolute essentials.

Insulated Pliers – Essential for Electrical Work

If you plan on doing any electrical work at all, safety needs to be a top concern. For this reason, insulated pliers are another must-have in your kit.

What About Power Tools?

Power tools are seen as a step up from the traditional tools, and they can really help to speed up your projects and just make them easier. It really comes down to how many projects you plan on doing around the home, how much emphasis you place on ease of use, and your budget. You can get ideas on what the most common power tools are by visiting sites like

A Sturdy Carrying or Storage Case Is a Must

Finally, there is the tool kit itself, meaning the carrying or storage case. You want to be sure that it is large enough to hold all the essentials and ideally has a hard casing so as to protect everything. Most of these cases have a handle on them so they are easy to carry around the house. Some also have trays and compartments, allowing you to organise the items you place inside it.

One other factor to consider is whether or not it’s waterproof. If you plan on doing any outdoor jobs, you can appreciate the fact that your tools are kept safe from the elements.

The List Goes on from Here

While each of these items is certainly classed as an essential for your home tool kit, keep in mind that there are plenty of other items worth purchasing as well. It really comes down to how many and what kind of projects you plan on doing.

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