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When playing at online casino, some players must know the feeling. You were playing so well, taking profits here and there, but you still couldn’t stop, because the lure was too strong. The profit evaporated and some more money was added to the account. And yet it can happen to the best of us. If you’re a little less confident, it’s good to know that there are different ways to play responsibly. Also, checking for reviews is a good way to find out tricks and tips for each online casino that could help you to gamble responsibly and even take advantage of casino bonuses.

Online casino and responsible gaming

Every reputable online casino does a bit of duty of care. In the online casino, you can find this in most cases under the heading “responsible gaming”. There you can take a self-test at some online casino to determine whether or not you are still in control of your gambling behavior. This can be the trigger for players to take action. In addition, online casinos often provide a list of authorities to turn to if you suspect you have problems with gambling. Unfortunately, some countries are currently unable to do anything with this list, as the help agencies are located abroad. In the future, this will change, when people are allowed to gamble legally online. From that moment on, gambling companies are obliged to provide a duty of care. Nevertheless, there are quite a few possibilities to protect yourself and your wallet as a player. The most rigorous solution is to install software that blocks all gambling websites. There are also various intermediate solutions, which allow you as a player to have a little more control over your playing behavior.

Responsible Online Casino With These Measures

We have found the following measures at various online casinos. If you have taken any of the measures, it is also possible to change them and/or have them removed. Of course, you should first serve your time, if, for example, you have set an agreed period in which you do not want to play.

Reality Check For Online Gambling

When you are playing, sometimes you have no idea of the time. It can be helpful if a pop-up appears telling you how long you’ve been playing. At many online casinos, this warning appears automatically without you having to adjust anything. In addition to providing information about the length of time you have been playing, online casinos also give you insight into your spending. So you’re reminded of the facts and help you to set your limit for better control of yourself.

Set Deposit Limit at Online Casino

This option is available at most online casino. By setting a deposit limit you ensure that for a certain period of time (day, week, month) you will not be able to deposit more than you have set. When the limit is reached you will be notified.

Set Betting Limit at Online Casino

The betting limit is a setting where you indicate how much you want to bet, during a certain period of time. When this limit is reached, a message is displayed and you cannot continue playing from that moment on.

The betting limit has nothing to do with winning or losing: you may have bet $100, while your balance shows $10. So it is purely about the total amount of bets you have placed.

It is not the most popular choice by the way, as you can imagine that when winning, players will want to continue playing for a while. On the other hand, it does ensure that any winnings are secured. Players generally prefer setting a loss limit and it’s a great way to ensure that you gamble responsibly.

Set Loss Limit For Gambling

When you set a loss limit, you indicate how much you are prepared to lose, during a certain period. As soon as the limit is reached, you will see a message. In some cases, a game may display the message: ‘insufficient balance’.

The loss limit is based on the total result of all bets. For example, a player may choose to want to lose a maximum of $100, during a week. Suppose this player initially manages to make a profit of $80 on live roulette, but then loses $100 on a slot, then nothing will happen.

Limit on Number of Hours of Betting

You can set this measure, indicating that you do not want to play more than a certain number of hours, during a certain period of time. In most cases, you can set this per day, week or month. The moment you have finished playing, you will receive a message and you can no longer play.

Setting Times For Gambling

In addition to being able to set the number of hours after which you cannot play, you can also set the times during which you prefer not to play. For some players, it can be convenient that they are not able to play during some free hours.


In addition to being able to use software to block all gambling websites at once, online casino also offers the option of being unsubscribed from the respective online casino for a period of time. The length of the self-exclusion can vary from one online, but generally, 6 months is the guideline.


In addition to being able to exclude yourself from playing for an extended period of time, some online casinos also allow you to set a ‘cool-down. This is a short period, often no more than two days in which you cannot play. This option is also sometimes used when players have made a large payout, leaving them unable to reverse it. Some online casinos have a withdrawal lock for this so that a payout remains protected.

Gaming should of course remain fun. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and we hope that with these tips we can get you a little bit in the right direction.

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