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In this updated world everything is just away from you on a click distance. Digital world is not a surprise for us. Here everything is available on just one click. There is only a needof a mobile phone or Pc with an internet connection. As. Many people want to talk to some other people in online chat. Use numbers given by many applications on internet and by many sites. One may enjoy the chat with opposite genders and exchange the views in an easy way.

Every technology has some pros and cons. Today here we will discuss some advantages and disadvantages of the online chat.

Pros of Online chat

Here the online chat makes you to explore the new people to exchange the views. One can find the opposite person according to his/her age, gender and desire to chat. Unbiased optionsare available in only chat. It is very easy and enjoyable to use.

Similarly, someone can share the emotions to the opposite one on online chat with physical interaction this is very helpful for those who feel ashamed or nervous in sharing the views to others. As, to keep emotions inside the mind and heart can give you severe damage.

Cons of online chat

As, in online chat no one knows` the opposite person is honest or not. Clever a greedy people may take advantage from you for their purpose. They may deceive the innocent persons. Someone may harass the opposite one for the desires. So, blackmailing is the result. Crime rate is very high in online chats.

On the hand, it is simply a wastage of time to talk to someone who is stranger for hours. This can cause you restless and you may miss your important work in this Online chat.

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